Manaslu Circuit Trek + Tsum Valley

I am looking for one or more trekking partners to join me for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in December (exact departure is flexible). I’m very eager to travel to Nepal and have identified the Manaslu Circuit (and Tsum Valley) as the best trek that hits my happy medium ideal of teahouse trekkable but also a more remote experience. I’m looking to experience the diverse cultures that being near the border of Tibet will bring, and the many ecotones that will be observed while hiking from 700m to over 5000m.

I have talked to a few guides and gotten reasonable prices to do the trek with only a guide, to minimize costs but am waiting to buy my ticket and to finalize a guide until I can find some trekking partners since it is illegal to hike solo in this region.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a solid background in backpacking looking for a fun, adventurous trip I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for your info on Manaslu trek. As I didn’t find a partner for a trek in November, I have given up for this year, and am leaving things until April 2015. Two of my friends in Kathmandu run their own trekking companies so I had already agreed to do everything through them. I wish you lots of luck in organising what is an excellent trek. Cheers. Andy Scott.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I’m also travelling solo and currently making plans for trekking in Nepal. Nothing booked so flexible. I plan on a short EBC Overland Tour from Lhasa end of November, which should potentially land me in Kathmandhu early December. Definitely interested in seeing if there is potential in organizing something. Be good to hear who you’ve contacted/itinerary/cost as I also have agents recommend by friends in I can contact.
    I have also enquired about the Manaslu Trek, but was advised by one agent some of the track was damaged from earthquake and wouldn’t be available?
    Also, seen you have posted on the Annapurna Trek has this been been abandoned?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Hamel, Sorry for the late reply! I am still planning on doing the Manaslu, and doing so as self-supported as possible (i.e., just guide no porters). I have contacted a few different agencies who have given me the green light for Manaslu, but we are waiting to arrive in Kathmandu to make final arrangements. Annapurna would be a great back up. I am currently planning on getting into Nepal on December 5th. PM me for more information if you are interested in joining!

  3. Hi Melissa! I am keen to complete the Manaslu Circuit, including the Tsum Valley. I’m a Canadian completing an around the world trip. I’m down in Africa now (so apologize if my responses back are delayed) and will be flying into Kath on Nov 21. Am always open and flexible, but will be looking to start hiking on the 24th or so. I crave adventure, have a high level of fitness, and moderate level of trekking experience. Let me know if you’re into trekking together. Happy trails.

    • Hi Lauren, I won’t be getting in until December 5th or so but if you are willing to wait a little you’re more than welcome to join!

  4. Hi,
    I’m looking for a partner for the Manaslu trek
    I’m doing the Annapurna from November 5th til the 20-22nd. And then ready to start the Manaslu.
    We could do it together?

    • Hi Celine, I’m looking to trek December 5th through the 26th- Would those dates work for you?

  5. Sorry, but i won’t do it anymore. I heard mixed review from guides. Some said it’s possible , other it’s to difficult because there has been some broken bridges.
    I am in the Annapurna circuit now and I meet some trekkers coming back from the Manaslu trek they told me it took them longer than expected and a lot of detour up and down because of the broken bridge.

    If you haven’t done the Circuit, it’s a good time to do it. There is really few walker.

  6. Hi Melissa,
    Are you still thinking about trekking the Manaslu Circuit?

  7. Hey,

    I’m keen on this- flying to Kathmandu on the 3rd of Dec and keen to head out straight away. Let me know

  8. Hi Melissa-

    I think I’m interested. Just made the decision to return to Nepal and can be there in early Dec. I was thinking Jiri – EBC – Gokyo – Lukla but since I’ve done most of that except the Jiri part, the Manaslu – Tsum valley sounds great. Are you still on for this trek? I haven’t researched much yet but just read the thread above about bridges… If so, how many people do you have and have you set a start date? Thanks, Doug.

  9. Hi Melissa , there will be two of us looking to do the Manaslu circuit trek fitting perfectly wth your dates, could you send me a message to let me know ho w far you have got with getting a guide and when you will be in Kathmandu?


    • Matt,

      I am solo and looking to do the Manaslu to connect the Annapurna to Langtang but need some others. What are your plans. Easterlight is a good guide owned and operated unit out of Pokara. Monaj is who I have used 3 time and very happy.


  10. I Mellisa,

    I am interested in doing the Manaslu to Langtang or so but am solo and plans can be a bit flexible . I am trying to connect annapurna and Langtang but need a partner. I am in Bangladesh but am planning on traveling to Kathmandu around the 9th.