Manaslu Circuit Trek or Annapurna Base Camp

I’m looking for a partner to join me on the manaslu circuit or ABC April 17th- I’m flexible on the length of the trip but am thinking about 15-20 days. I’ve gone trekking in various places throughout the US, Israel, and Turkey, but have never gone on a trek for this length of time, so I will likely be going at a relatively slow pace (at least in comparison to more seasoned trekkers). I am a rock climber that loves adventure and would love to have at least one like-minded person join me (aside from the fact that it’s required, I’d really enjoy the company). I will be hiring a porter because I have had back surgery and would like to put minimal strain on my back.



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    Hey Sara, seems like you might be up for the same trip as I am..

    • Hi frank,
      Mostly decided now to do ABC rather than Manaslu. However, plans are still up in the air. Will let you know if anything changes.

  2. Hey I’m looking for a partner on a trek like this! I am thinking of flying in around April 16th. Let me know if you’d be interested in doing something together!

    • Sure! It would be nice to get a small group together to tackle the Manaslu circuit..

    • Meghan, Frank –

      I’m also interested in Manaslu around this time. Would love to go with and split the guide.


    • Meghan, Frank:

      Hello! Your timing lines up very well with mine. I hope to hike the Manaslu and Tsum Valley between April 15 and May 15.

      Are you still open to trekking companions?


    • @Leo: YES!!

  3. Hi Sara,

    Are you solid on ABC vs. Manaslu?

    I will be arriving in KTM on April 15, and am still looking for someone to trek Manaslu, with Tsum Valley. I am willing to share a guide and porter.


  4. @Sandy/Leo: You can also contact me by mail (frank.trepte -at- gmail -dot- com) or find me on Facebook as “Frank Trip-Tea” – than my replies come much quicker..

  5. Hi Sara! Me and my friend are coming to Kathmandu on the 9th of April and we stay till the second half of May. We are planning to do the Manaslu circuit trek starting from the 22nd of April. Have you found a guide already?

  6. Hey there fellow treckers. I want to do manaslu around mid April(flexible) i treck every day right now by myself in Nepal. Beg as tal lake is we’re in based at present. Let me know soon please if we can get a group togeather to share costs.
    Otto. Australian

  7. Hi Sara,

    I fly in on the 18th but am still looking for partners to do this trek with. Are you flexible at all with dates? I’m interested in doing a similar trek at this pace as well and would love to join up with another group. Let me know if you have any room left in your group and if anyone might be interested in leaving on the 19th or 20th.


    • Hi Katie! Right now looking at doing poon hill and annapurna base camp! We might start on the 16 or 17 but if we end up going later I’ll let you know