Manaslu Circuit Trek, Nepal

I’m planning the classical Manaslu Circuit in appr. 15 days. I have just booked my flight ticket. Arriving on 25th of March, so flexibility is limited. I try to find a guide/tour operator onsite. Kathmandu/Thamel is a quite busy place to get a good offer even on short notice. Ideal group would comprise 2-4 members plus guide, which is mandatory as I have learned. Myself, I am an experienced trekker who loves nature and the local specialities. High performance is not priority.



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  1. Let me arrange your trekking permit and an authorized guide (informative yet silent) need, with your permission!


    • Dear Ajay, what the minimum party of 2 people?

    • Dear Helmut,
      Since, Manaslu is a restricted area for trekking so it could be done only with safety. and yes, you are right, you need a partner to share and an authorized travel or trekking guide along with special permit. I am happy to assist you in any way possible.
      Please don’t hesitate for any further queries.
      I have experience from my last year’s trek to Manaslu.

  2. HI Helmut/ Ajay

    I am planning to reach KTM by end of March to start Manaslu trek by 1 or 2 of Apr. As of now, I am single and this damn permit thing for single is bad. If by chance it would be a solution, we could keep in touch. I am an experienced trekker from Bhutan. best regards Padam

    • Hi Padam, sorry for not reacting. I am short in time, the beginning of April would be too late for me. Helmut

  3. Hello Helmut. I’m extremely interested in the Manaslu circuit also and your plans fit perfectly with my own. I arrive in Nepal Feb 21 and leave April 19. Starting the trek on the 26 or 27 would be possible for me. I will have already been trekking for a month by the time you arrive so completing in the 15 days you plan should not be a problem. My name is Mark, I’m from Australia, I’m 40 years old and this will be my fifth visit to Nepal. Please get in touch if you’re still looking for a trekking buddy

  4. Hi Mark, that sounds very promissing. I did the Annapurna circuit two years ago and now I looking for new challenge. A friend tries to convince me coming with him on the AC again. That’s the reason I haven’t checked trekkingpartners for the last week. But I not totally convinced, maybe with the Nar Phu sidetrip? I would prefer the Manaslu trek. I am 59 German, very fit and quite experienced. I would prefer walking without a guide but its mandatory? Have you had any contacts to guides concerning the Manaslu trek?

  5. Hello Helmut. To me it seems the perfect combination would be to hike around the manaslu massif and then continue up to the valleys of nar and phu. Seems like most people do it as part of the AC though which greatly complicates the logistical planning of such a trek.
    Anyways. I would love to join you on your way around manaslu if you still plan on going. your timing seems to me perfect since my family leaves on the 24th.
    I have done a lot of hiking in Nepal and see myself as quite fit.
    I have quite a fine and rather cheap contact in Pokhara.
    Hope to hear from you

    • Dear Soren, I am arriving tommorow afternoon (25th) at Kathmandu. Are you in Kathmandu as well? Have you already decided on your schedule for Manaslu? Maybe it is a good idea meeting somewhere in Thamel, because my trekking partner has probably to return home working on a project in Bejing. He was against Manaslu due to some horror stories he heard about the substandce of the treks. Hope its not to late for Manaslu.

  6. Hi Helmut,
    I can arrange permit and guide for you..Would only charge 20% extra on permit,,,Whereas for guide we can talk in person