Manaslu Circuit Trek + Larkya Peak


My name is Islean, I’m a woman from the UK in my early 30’s and I’m looking to do the Manaslu circuit trek with the addition of the Larkya peak ascent. I’m flying into Kathmandu around the 24th of Feb and will be leaving around the 20th March. Its an 18 day trek so I have a little wiggle room on the exact departure date.

I’ve found what seems like a great company to organise the trip but at the moment the cost of doing it alone is just too much for me. Looking to team up with one or more people who are keen for an adventure. Budget is cost quoted per person for 2+ people on the trip, including guides, porters, food and accommodation, transport, permits and equipment.

Looking forward to hearing from any interested persons



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  1. Hey,
    this is Christian from Germany. I’ve been to Ladakh & Nepal several times and your trip idea sounds great to me. I’m interested.
    I’ve got some questions:
    1. I guess you mean the Larkya North Peak, 6065m a so called trekking peak and not the Larkya Main Peak 6500m, which requires full alpine climbing equipment incl. ropes and the use of it..
    2. I’m not sure about the time End of February – mid march. Last time I’ve been in the Everest region by End of February / beginning of march, there was still lots of snow. So I hope the early time will work out.
    3. I’ve checked the itiniary of a great Adventure agency in Germany. Starting with the bus transfer Kathmandu – Arungat Bazaar – Soti Khola. From there 5 days to reach Samagon 3530m. There 2 days for visiting Manaslu East Wall and Manaslu Base Camp, which is a great idea. Then another 2 days to reach Samdo 4000m and climb Samdo Peak 5140m. Then another day to reach Dharamsala Phedi 4400 and another to reach the High Camp of Larkya North Peak 5000m. Here we have to stay in tents. Then summit day Larkya North Peak and back to Camp. Then cross Larkya Pass and 3 days to reach Jagat 1700. Then one day bus drive back via Besisahar to Kathmandu. That means 15 trekking days, 2 nights in tent, crampons and ice axes needed, one reserve day and 2 bus transport days. So I count 18 days Kathmandu – Kathmandu.
    This plan sounds great to me. How is your itiniary?
    Greetings from East Germany.

  2. Hi my name is gam bahadur rai i am a profetional guide specialley for manaslu circuit if you need any suport please feel free to write me back thank you

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  4. Hey islean. I’m so interested in doing this trek but was thinking about doing the Tsum Valley part as well. I’m currently in Nepal and have met many local guides that could probably do it much cheaper than what you were quoted but would probably require you to get to the start from Kathmandu. But I think the price would be more in the $1000 range. You can call me on WhatsApp at +1 9707089052 if you’d like to chat about it