Manaslu Circuit Trek instead of Annapurna

Hello all!

Have you considered the Manaslu trek instead of Annapurna? Apparently it is as great as Annapurna, but totally uncrowded. Also a bit more difficult and slightly more rough, but it also could be an added benefit Approximate dates are 20.03 – 5.04. The start date could be as early as 15th but would prefer 20th so that I have a couple more days to explore India; the finish date is dictated by my flight which departs Kathmandu on the 7th April.

This is my first long-distance trek, but I have done several 2-4 day treks in the past, one of them in the Annapurna region and one in the Chinese Himalaya. I consider myself reasonably fit, but given that it is my first time doing solid 2.5 weeks of trekking and that Manaslu is considered a tad more difficult than Annapurna, I’m planning to hire a guide and possibly a porter. I think it would be better and cheaper to pay for the lodges and food myself, but if it ends up being a part of a package, so be it.

I’m a 26 year old strategy consultant based in London for the last 8 years, originally from Poland.

Please message me if you are interested!




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