Manaslu Circuit Trek (incl. Tsum Valley side trek)

** Still looking for a travelling buddy!**

Hi all!

I am going to do Manaslu Circuit Trek, including Tsum Valley side trek, leaving Kathmandu on 13 September and getting back on 30 September, and I am looking for someone to join me on the trip :).
I am a 34 year old woman from Amsterdam (NL), pretty easy going, sociable, used to doing solo hikes.

For this trip I haven’t booked a guide yet (will dive into that in the coming weeks). Would like to book just the guide, not an all inclusive trip. The $900 is a pretty rough cost estimate. I am not on a very tight budget, just gonna see what I need (and how hungry I am 😉 )

Itinerary that I have in mind:
Day 1 (13/9): Bus Kathmandu – Soti Khola
Day 2: Soti Khola – Machha Khola
Day 3: Machha Khola – Jagat
Day 4: Jagat – Lokpa
Day 5: Lokpa – Chhumling
Day 6: Chhumling – Chhekampar
Day 7: Chhekampar – Nile
Day 8: Nile – Mu Gompa – Chhekampar
Day 9: Chhekampar – Lokpa
Day 10: Lokpa – Ghap
Day 11: Ghap – Lho
Day 12: Lho – Samagaun
Day 13: Samagaun acclimatisation day
Day 14: Samagaun – Samdo
Day 15: Samdo – Dharamsala/ Larke Phedi
Day 16: Dharamsala/ Larke Phedi – Bimthang (pass day)
Day 17: Bimthang – Tilche
Day 18 (30/9): Bus Tilche – Kathmandu

Hopefully this matches with your planned schedule and we can go together!



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  1. Hi J.
    Scandinavian guy in my 50. arriving in KTM the 7. Sept.. Thinking Manaslu or Makalu. In Nepal 6 weeks. Had plans of Kanchenjunga to Makalu, but i caught Covid 2 months ago, so that trek is to ambitious, so now i’m looking for something “easier”. Travelled the world, and now i want to go back to where it all started, last time in KTM was 93 so it’s probably changed a lot by now.

    • Hi Phil,
      Definitely feel free to hop onto this ‘easy ride’ 😉
      Would my timings/ itinerary fit for you? Unfortunately I’m not super flexible – trying to fit as much hiking as possible in my stay in Nepal this time.
      Your initial trip sounds very cool as well by the way. Another one for my wishlist.

  2. Hey.
    I’m arrive in KTM 7 sept, and fly out again the 19 oct, so your timing seems fine… I’ve only looked at the Manaslu circuit, and not the Tsum valley, but will be doing it now…Yeah Kanchenjunge have to wait for next time, i was in bed for 6 weeks with covid, so my training, weight and breathing went out the window, so there is no change i could trek 5 weeks straight, tent camping . many days over 5000m, and stuck in the middle of nowhere…
    When do you arrive?

    • Ouch can imagine the need for an easier trek.
      I will arrive in KTM on the 11th.
      Curious what you think of the Tsum Valley side trek 🙂

  3. Well always had a soft spot for Tibet and the people, in my younger days 92/93 i travelled a lot, in Nepal , India and Pakistan, but at one point when in South China, someone lured me to go illegal overland into Tibet, never reached Lhasa, but spend some time in “Kham”, the eastern part of the old Tibet, and it was fascinating, so since then, i’ve tried to find smaller Tibetan pockets around Himalaya(Like Tsum Valley). It’s 20 years ago since i´ve been in this part of the world, so now it’s time again.. 1. plan was to visit Kanchenjunga from the Sikkim side, then i start talking with someone on this page about doing it from Nepal side, and then suddenly we planned BIG, but Covid and timing put a stop on the project, so now i’m here.

    • It’s gonna be good to be back I guess :).
      Was thinking: would it be an idea to schedule a quick ZOOM call to see if we click and can arrange something?
      Best, Judith

  4. Hi, Have you confirmed and closed your team yet ?
    I usually hike solo. But for manasalu looking for a partner and guide(porter) as required by rules.

    • Hi Subha,
      No, nothing closed or confirmed yet, so feel free to join. What are your exact plans/ wishes for the trip?

  5. Hey Judith.
    I’m looking to do the Manaslu trek with the Tsum Valley, followed by the Nar Phu trek around October.
    I guess your dates aren’t flexible?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Marie,
      Sounds awesome! Unfortunately my dates are indeed fixes – am on a super tight schedule. Hopefully you’ll find other trekking buddies!
      Best, Judith

  6. Hey! How’s it going? My name’s Anthony. I’m Australian. I’m 26. Anyway I haven’t really made much of a plan yet, but I was hoping to do the Manaslu trek basically the exact same dates as you. I need to fly home early October, so kicking off on those dates would be ideal. I’m in India at the moment but I’ll be arriving in Nepal around Sept 10 I believe. Maybe we could have a zoom call to have a chat to see how we get along? Let me know, cheers

    • Hi Anthony, our schedules align perfectly indeed :). Let’s definitely schedule a Zoom call, will send you some details via private message.

  7. Hi Judith! I just sent you a private message.

  8. Hi Judith,

    I’m arriving in Nepal on 10 September and will depart Kathmandu on 12 September. I’ll be trekking the Manaslu and Tsum Valley Circuit. I have a guide , no porter, organised. Let me know if you have not already organised a guide and trek group.

    • Hi Simone,
      Thanks for reaching out. I have found a trekking partner and a guide, so I’m settled.
      Maybe see you on the trek (but probably you’ll be 1 day ahead of me). Enjoy 🙂