Manaslu Circuit Trek, if possible incl Tsum Valley

17 – 18 days usual itinerary. Wish to do it on low budget, no comfort lodges, just tea houses. Carrying my own bag. But need permits – and for this, to be at least 2 people – and maybe a guide in Tsum valley? Know, that porter – guide costs 18 USD/d, would be happy to have one to have peace of mind with regards to finding the way – and share it.

Porterguide would need to get permits for restricted area and trekking on first day in Kathmandu, then leave latest 24th Sept 2019. Be back at Kathmandu latest 10 Oct 2019



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  1. You do realize that you are required to take a guide along because it’s a restricted area? Just thought I’d mention it, because it seems from your post that you think it’s optional.

  2. I need to correct my dates: Will leave on 20th Sept. – get the permits on 19th ( 20 – 22 is holiday in Kathmandu, so no permits issued) and will drive to Soti Khola, from there start Manaslu Circuit Trek and add Tsum Valley trek, return to Manaslu Circuit Trek, continue over Larkya La. From Dharapani by bus or minibus back to Kathmandu on 9th Oct. I have a few guides/ Companies who offer this trek with permits and guide and company fee only for 470 USD per Person (if at least 2!). So all lodgings and food and other expenses for yourself You need to pay Yourself, also tip for the guide in the end. I would be very happy to be joined by 1 or 2 others. I am fit and sixty, needn’t talk a lot, appreciate nature, buddhist culture, the local people …

  3. By the way, Andrea, are you sure the quote you received is correct? I don’t want to second guess the agency you’re using, but the figure of $470 doesn’t seem to add up, as I was only doing some basic calculations myself a couple of days ago for my own costs. All the permits alone for Manaslu/Tsum Valley should add up to around $250, and even if you could get a guide for $20 a day (the going rate is about $25 a day) that adds up to $400 for 20 days of trekking. That’s $660 already, without even throwing in a fee for the agency.

  4. Oops, I see where I erred – I forgot to halve the figure for the guide because it’s being split two ways! So the total would be close to the amount you were quoted – if they’re only paying the guide around $20 a day.

  5. If you guys are confusing about something? feel free to write me i can help.

  6. Hi Andrea, we’re an Israeli couple looking for partners for a low budget Manaslu and Tsum valley trek. Please contact us if interested.

    • what a nice surprise ! ,ברוכים הבאים
      I hope it will still work out, because my schedule is unfortunately set and tight. So I arrive Thu 19th Sept. in Kathmandu and the Archaic Nepal Treeking company will take me or my passport to the Authorities to get the 4 special permits for the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trek. On the 20th Sept. I will begin the trek and return evening 9th Oct. Fly out Evening 10th Oct. If You are there 19th Sept. it would be great: There have to be at least 2 trekkers for the permits so the company wouldn’t need to look for someone to team up with. I would really be very happy to trek with You. Also on my Annapurna Circuit I met an Israeli Couple and we trekked the rest of the hike, after Thorong-La together. The Company will ask for guid, all the permits transports to and from trek and the other involvedפחות מטשה מאות דולר לבן אדם for the 20 days. So I think it is very good. Just the permits cost about 240 USD p.p. If it would work out for You let me know to my email and I can link you up – or You can directly contact Archaic Nepal and mention that You wish to join “my” trek. Hope it works out – we will also be on our way during the חגים and there is no Chabad on this rout… to join.. So what ever You do and where ever You end up being – have a good day and time. Andrea