Manaslu Circuit Trek/ Annapurna Circuit/ Three passes


As you can see my plan is unformed! I arrive on 28 March and plan to leave shortly after. I would like to walk without a guide (altho apparently a guide may be a requirement on Manaslu), and company would be great… Slight preference for a female companion late 20s upwards, but only slight… I’m reasonably fit and do a fair amount of mountain walking and am happy with long days (or shorter!). I would need to finish whatever route I take by 20 April latest….

If I’m unable to find someone else to walk with, I’ll probably go with the Annapurna Circuit, but with another person I’d be keen to try one of the other two options.

Get in touch if this fits with your plans or you’d like to discuss options.





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  1. Hi Katie. I don’t fit your slight preference (Male 53).

    I arrive 22 March and will be in Nepal for the whole of April. I’ve been to Nepal several times before, the last time was in 2002 when I did the Annapurna Circuit I walk quite slowly.

    I’m not familiar with the Manaslu Circuit Trek or Three passes Trek but am keen to do something new.

  2. Hi Katie,
    Last minute planning! Second time in Nepal, I am arriving next week (March 23) and would like to do Manaslu! Is this still happening? Happy to split costs on guides, etc.

    I need to be back in KTM for April 12; 13th at the latest. I’d be happy to go March 26-28 to give us enough time to take it easy.

    please let me know if this is still on and I’ll get back in touch

  3. Hey Katie, I arrive in KTM 29 March and fly out of KTM April 18 at 20:00. Experienced trekker coming from working a season in Antarctica…would love to join you we can do the trek within my timeframe! ~Mike