Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley

EDIT: 3.11.2017

The tour is now confirmed!

Hi Trekkers around the world.

I am Florian, german, 39 years old
languages: german, english

Experienced trekker and trekking guide myself (in Europe)

This will be my third time in Nepal
I did already: Annapurna Circuit, ABC, Jiri-Namche, 3 Passes, EBC, Langtang Valley, Tamang Heritage Trail. Ruby Valley.

I love Nepal and I love adventures.

So this time i will make a very long trek from the Doorsteps of Thamel to Gosainkund-Syabru Besi-Gatlang-Manaslu-Tsum-Annapurna-Mustang
Ok this is the big plan , lets see what happen.

I trek usually alone (because i found nobody who has so much time and the fitness) , but i like also to meet other people on the way and trek with them together.

On the way is Manaslu, which is restricted area.
I dont want to miss this.

So i need a guide and at least one other fellower.

So I contact now a friend of me, who will organize the trip for me with his agency.
If he has time, he will guide us. He is a young and nice guide, but quite experienced for his age.

The tour will start 20th of november and end with guide 8 th of december in KTM.
I will come directly to Manaslu and meet you at 24th of november in Jagat

This will be not a package tour, it will be an individual tour with guide.

So there will be fixed costs:

For the Manaslu Circuit/Tsum is needed:

-Manaslu and Tsum special permit
-Annapurna permit
-Tims Card Annapurna

and a guide is required (I dont count unfortunatly)

The Tour will start at 20th of november in Kathmandu and will end at the 8th of december
So alltogether: 19 days (16-17 trekking days), it will include a 4-5 days sidetrip into the Tsum Valley

20. 11.: Bus KTM-Arugath
21-23.11.: trek to Jagat
24.11..-6.12..: Jagat-Darapani: 13 days Trekking in the Manaslu&Tsum Area
7.-8.12. : trek (and) bus or jeep back to Besisahar/KTM/Phokara

You have the option to continue after Manaslu unguided the Annapurna Circuit if you have time (for this you need only the individual TIMS Card). I will do this and its worth it (and you already purchased the TIMS and permit for Annapurna)

The price (permits and guide for 19 days included) will decrease by the number of partipiciants

The costs are

with 2 people (me and one other)
447 dollar per person

with 3 people
352 dollar per person

with 4 people:
303 dollar per person

The groupsize will not more than 4

Two people are already confirmed. Me and Kyle


20-25 dollar per day for food/acc depending on you, some areas will be cheaper than others

10-20 dollar for transport (bus/jeep)


Note: there will be no porter

You will only have to bring your passport and your part of the money to the agency (that they can get the permits)
Until the 17th latest.

You should be quite fit for such a long trekking tour, the highest point will be the 5100 m high Larkye La Pass.
So respect acclimatization rules and be aware of alitude sickness!

It is a nice chance for solo trekkers to make Manaslu quite cheap an nice, so join the tour.

Cu in Nepal Florian



7 replies
  1. Hey Florian, this trip is interesting. Will you also be doing the Nar Phu trek?

    54 M UK, have done solo AC quite a few times plus side trails and variations.

  2. Anyone can buy TIMS & ACAP at the NTB in KTM. Last December I bought them both in Besi.

  3. I dont think that i will do Nar and Phu too.
    Although it is very interesting, but i prefer to trek independent. For Manaslu i will make an exception, because its on/in my way anyway

    Yes everybody can buy TIMS and ACAP, but if you only want to make Manaslu the agency will buy you a Tims( for guided tours), which cost you 10 dollars instead of 20 (TIMS for independent trekkers)

    And if you buy the permit in the Annapurna circuit they charge you 4000 Rupies instead of 2000 (so far i know)

  4. Ah and by the way:

    As long i dont have found at least one confirmed partner
    the tour is still flexibel.
    Itererary can be shorter or longer. And the tour could start also a few days later. (but not earlier than the 18th of november)

  5. Ah, yes I see. But I was considering doing AC too.

    ACAP and TIMS for AC cost the same in Besi Sahar & KTM. I don’t think that Besi is considered to be inside AC, so the prices are just the normal price.

  6. thx nice to know

    But anyway you enter ACAP in Dharapani, which is inside the Circuit, if you come from Manaslu
    And you need the ACAP permit and Tims, even if you only want to go down to Besisahar

  7. Please use the other trip coversation