Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum valley

Hi, I am leaving Kathmandu on April 12, trek should take around 20 days. Will be glad to find more people to share costs and experiences. Have trekked in the Himalayas before, both in India and Nepal.



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  1. Hi,
    is your trek still exist? any idea of the cost to complete the trek?
    i should be with other group to ACT, but unfortunately, i was waiting for a friend respond who want to join the trek and couldnt do it in the end and i missed the group :'( .
    anyway i will like to join you if the trip still exist, and i hope its a Shoestring trip, as im planning after the trip to go Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma so i have to be on budget in every things to make it happen. Many thanks

    • Hi Sal, if you are on a very tight budget you should probably consider other treks. manaslu and tsum valley are restricred ares and therefore permits are around 250 $. in other treks permits are only around 20$. if you are still interested we leave kathmandu on april 13

  2. Hi,
    I am currently in pokhora and am very interested in joining you on your trek! I’m in decent shape but this will definitely be my longest trek. Look forward to hearing back from you.



    • Hi sam. We are leaving kathmandu on april 13 by jeep to soti khola. we start walking the next day. Have already arranged guide and are sharing a porter. Plan is manaslu circuit with a few days in tsum valley. if this suits your plans I can give you more info

  3. Hi ayelet! I would like to join you on that trip! I’m in kathmandu at the moment, maybe we can meet up and talk about it? How much will it probably cost? I would really like to do the trek but still have to watch my budget..looking forward hearing from you!

  4. Hi Emilia. Our trek only begins on April 13, so if you are already in kathmandu you probably want to set out earlier. If you are still interested I can send you more info

    • Yes I’m still intrested! Would be very thankful if you would send me more information!

  5. Ok our trek is for 20 days (including transport), tsum valley and manaslu circuit. total cost of permits is around 250$. guide is 25$ a day (can be shared by all group). Porter is optional . We will take a jeep (130$ each direction), also shared by all passengers.Permits and guide are absolutly required, both manaslu and tsum valley are restricted areas, which is why the cost of permits is relatively high. I have already made contact with an agency, we make the permits on April 12.

  6. Hi Ayelet,

    Still looking for people to join your trek? I’m in Kathmandu, would love to meet up tomorrow to chat if you’re free! Thanks,


  7. Hi Maureen
    I only arrive in Kathmandu on monday night but 2 other members of the group michelle and alex are in kathmandu you could try to meet up with them. If you want more info let me know.

    • Hey Ayelet,

      Yes please!! Send me their info! I’ve got a Nepal phone number too, if that’s helpful: 9823408478

  8. Hello,
    If there is still room available I would love to join this trek. I’m in Katmandu now and can leave at any time. My Nepali number is 9823361243. I can meet at any time,


    • Hi Brian , I have just been in contact with my agent in kathmandu, we can take a larger jeep so no problem if you want to join. if your’e interested let me know and will send you more info

  9. Hi Brian we are taking a jeep to starting point of trek, I will try to find out if there is room