Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum valley

Hello together,
I am planning to do the Manaslu circuit Trek including Tsum valley at the end of february!
I would love to find partners for this Trek, also to share the costs of a guide since a guide is obligated for this area.
Besides the Manaslu Trek I would also be interested in doing the Makalu Trek, so if anybody is planning a Trek there at the end if february let me know! 🙂
At the moment I am volunteering in a disaster relief organisation and from the 22nd of february I am free.
I would be happy to hear from you! 😉



2 replies
  1. Hi my name is Alex, i’m 19 from Bali Indonesia, i’m going to be in Nepal for 3 months, i leave on the 2nd of May. My goal here is to explore as much of Nepal as i can. I would love to join you on your trek, especially because the budget is so low, is that an accurate estimation of the cost of the trip?

  2. Hey Sina! I’m going to be in Nepal starting on March 1 and I would like to do the Manaslu Trek as well, preferably with Tsum Valley. If you are still looking for partners message me…I’d love to hear more about your plans. Maybe we can put together a group.