Manaslu Circuit Trek

I will arrive in KTM on the 7th to, possibly, leave to Manaslu on the 8th . I’m looking for trekker(s) to share a guide. Manaslu would be 14 to 16 days depending of the situation (up to 20 days). I carry tent and stove as to add possible small side treks. I’m pretty easy going. I usually start alone and team up with fellow travelers on the way but need that permit sorted out first, so the internet chance meeting. I might be tempted to do Tsum valley depending of who is interested in teaming up.
I live in South East Asia and done all the others famous Nepalese treks.



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  1. Hey Christophe,

    Have you made any progress with your itinerary? Your plans/wants/goals with this trek seem aligned with mine. I want to do the same style trek as you’re envisioning – freedom, some alone time, budget, tent option. I really just want to find someone to get the permits (I’m hoping to start with Manaslu) and cover logistics together. Also good to have someone on the trail even if we aren’t always together in the exact same place. Let me know if you’re interested in adding one to your group. I leave India for Nepal on Oct 1 via train, arriving on the 2nd. Can leave to start the trek anytime after the 3rd.

  2. hello Christophe !!
    as u say u arrived 7 oct and start 8 oct . me and my group start 8 0ct if u want u can but should u have arrived 7 oct in mrn time if no u cant get permit for manaslu if u want this treks u can joind with me , sent me your passport copy i can make your permit and enjoy with nepali big festival ..
    have a good day

  3. Hi Christophe,
    I’m Tom from NZ and arrived in Kathmandu yesterday. If you are still looking for a trekking partner I could be keen. Am currently looking around to find guide and another person for permit!
    Am keen based on your time line with potentially the addition of Tsum valley. I was planning on more of a tea house trek as didn’t bring a tent but have lots of tenting experience in NZ so am flexible.
    Let me know your thoughts,

  4. Hi I’m looking to do this trek as well, let me know if you or someone reading this wants to get started on finding a good guide.

    I’m fit from finishing another high altitude hike recently and ready to go!

    I’d be probably looking to bring my tent as an alternate option to tea houses or in case of a side trip as well.

  5. Hi there,

    My group split up, due the Tusm valley being closed, and my other partner (that I met here) broke her leg. Myself (Canadian, 25) and Carlos from the original group (Spain, 35) are interested in joining your group.

    We share similar values for the trip!

    Your response would be much appreciated.