Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, my name is Tom and I am a guy in my thirties from Oregon, USA. I am looking for trekking partners for the Manaslu Trek. I arrive in Kathmandu on Nov 10th and I have about 17 days. I am in contact with several agencies regarding arranging a guide. I don’t plan on getting porter but am willing to share the cost of one. I haven’t ruled out just getting a packaged trek, as it saves quite a bit hassle, but I prefer the freedom and flexibility of independent travel.

Although my heart is set on Manaslu, I realize that my time frame maybe somewhat short to do that trek justice. I would consider other treks in Nepal if the opportunity is right.

In term of fitness, I am fairly confident that I will not be a undue burden to a group. Earlier in this year I did a 10 days Torres Del Paine self-supported backpacking trek and since then I have been doing a lot of hikes here in the Pacific Northwest. I have done high altitude hiking at the Mt Kilimanjaro summit trek and also on the Tibetan Plateau on the other side of the Himalayas. I have a lot respect of the altitude due to personal experiences, so I generally prefer a slower paced trek, to make sure everyone gets the best chance to acclimatize and enjoy the experience as much as possible. If I do end up hiring guide/porters, I strongly believe in treating them with fairness and respect.

So if your start date is roughly the same as mine (Nov 10th or 11th) and you are looking for someone to share an trekking adventure, reply here or send me a message!



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  1. Hey I will be arriving KTM on Nov 12th morning and am interested in either the Manaslu circuit (with guide obviously) or annapurna circuit (without guide probably). I fly out of KTM on Dec 3rd. I also am an experienced backpacker from the east coast of the USA (Richmond VA). If you are still looking for a trekking partner let me know and maybe we can chat?

  2. Hey there!

    My name is Jonathan. I’m an experienced hiker from Israel and I’d love to join guys to do Around Manaslu.

    I’m in Nepal at the moment and I just finished Everest three passes. If you’re still looking for a partner let me know and perhaps we can meet up prior to the trek!