Manaslu Circuit Trek


I am from Vancouver and am travelling solo, arriving in Nepal on August 30th. I have about a week before taking my 200HR Yoga teacher training in Pokhara until Oct 5th. I will be staying in Nepal until the end of November and am looking to do a few treks and explore beautiful Nepal! Manaslu being one that really interests me, along with the Annapurna Circuit I would like to do and possible get down to the jungle area or Tibet.

I am reasonably fit but enjoy a slower pace and have lots of hiking experience but just one short multi day hike here in BC. I may also want extend a night here or there to explore near by trails or rest up! I would like to stay in teahouses and not pack a tent for this distance, although I may be persuadable on this. I am definitely on a budget, as I am also heading off to other destinations after Nepal. I am well traveled, and really enjoy getting to know locals, observing customs and getting off the beaten path. I am the stop and smell the roses and wander off to look at things or talk to people typeI will be incorporating daily yoga practice to my trek, I love to take photos and you would probably end up a bit of a model for me…… but how can you go wrong with amazing photos of yourself on a trip!

My dates are very flexible, in fact I am very unsure as to how I will set it all out. I will want to likely wait until the 10th of October to get hiking and rest from my yoga training. I had thought to complete the APT before moving on to Manaslu with a rest in between. This would have me starting Manaslu end of October but for a person or group I get on with I am good with moving around dates.

If you’re interested let me know! Happy Trails 🙂



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  1. Hey Maria!

    I’m from Kelowna, BC and am interested in doing the Manaslu trek as well. Annapurna trek interests too, but the crowds/traffic kind of discourage me a bit. Although I’m still open to it!

    I arrive September 26th & depart November 11th. so I do have a fair amount of time to schedule things. I’m comfortable going at a slow/moderate pace, and checking out some spots/the towns along the way. I’ve done a fair amount of backpacking & over night expeditions and feel fairly comfortable with the backcountry.

    if your still looking for a treking partner in your group let me know!



  2. I am also interested in the Manaslu Circuit and have a reliable guide but am in need of one or more trekking partners. I arrive Kathmandu October 14 and depart November 1. Let me know whether this works for either of you.

  3. Hey Scott! I joined a small group just recently. best of luck finding some partners. Cheers.

  4. Hi Maria,

    i just read your message and it is exactly what i like to do.
    I’m from germany and i will arrive in nepal at the end of september… i’m planning to start the trek after one or two weeks in kathmandu so it would be mid of october…
    please send me a message if you’re still looking for a trekking partner 🙂

    • Hi Elena, Are you still looking for a partner for the Manaslu Circuit? I’m hoping to begin trekking October 15 or 16, returning to KTM on the 31st. Let me know and I will look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hi Maria,

    Same here! Let me know if you are still looking for a trekking buddy and someone who loves to shoot as well! =)

  6. Hey all,

    Fellow Canadian in the about the same boat, though I’ve got lots of flexibility in my schedule. A friend of mine is a pretty intense mountaineering guy, and has 2 friends that are going to recommend guides and companies that are based in Kathmandu. One of them also speaks Nepali, so I’m sure she’ll be able to get a decent deal.

    I’m pretty flexible on dates, able to arrive anywhere from the 5th or 6th of October and stay indefinitely. Let me know if you’re still figuring things out.

    I am also considering tacking on the Tsum Valley if that interests anyway.


    • Hi Chelsea,
      Are you still looking for a partner for the Manaslu Circuit? I’m hoping to begin trekking October 15 or 16, returning to KTM on the 31st. Let me know and I will look forward to hearing from you.

  7. I am thinking of starting on October 13 and then continue from Dharapani to Annapurna circuit.

  8. Hi Maria!!!
    I hope you are still looking for some trekking mates as your plans seem to match mine very well. I am currently travceling around central asia and will arrive in Kathmandu on 27th September.
    I would be thrilled to hear from you!
    Regards from Dushanbe

  9. Hi there, i’m planning for the same and think a small group of 3-4 would be good. Nepal will be my first stop of a 7 month travel, so i am flexible with timing. Also open for a Tsum Valley side trip. I enjoy taking in the scenery and did several Tea House Treks before, its great! Hope to hear from you, happy travelling & Namaste, Friedrich

  10. Hello everyone! Plans have changed around and will be starting annapurna circuit on Oct 6th about.4 days into the circuit and maybe up the base camp on the way back frm the circuit with a few people from a course I’m taking here in Pokhara.

    I’ve decided not to do manasulu circuit mostly because of all the added details costs and am extending my trip longer overall.

    Happy trails!

  11. Hey Maria!

    I’m also interested in doing the Mansalu circuit (maybe with Tsum). It’s funny you say you’re doing YTT in pokhara… I’m currently finishing my 200hrs in Rishikesh, India and have plans to come to Nepal right after our program ends on Oct 4th. I actually am planning to come first to Pokhara because my yoga teacher training school has a location there where I can store my page suitcase during the trek (I will only be carrying a backpack – not planning on hiring a porter and would prefer not to have a guide, but will hire one as its required for this trek – they will just be there in the distance for checkpoints, tips if needed, emergencies, etc). Anyway, would you be interested in meeting up in pokhara first and then heading to Mansalu? We could get permits/guides in pokhara or Kathmandu… I heard it’s easier to do all that in KTM. Either way, I could meet you in either location. Two recently graduated yoga teachers might make a great travel team! Hope to hear from you soon.


    Ps. Oops! Just saw your most recent post. Darn – enjoy annanpurna! If I can’t figure out the logistics of Mansalu maybe I’ll see you out there.

  12. dear all !! our trip start 8 oct would u like joined with us ?
    now in nepal hindu big festival so we can enjoy with manaslu …