Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi guys

My girlfriend and I are going to do the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley trek starting around 16th September. We have already secured a guide with Great Vision (they came highly recommended) – see TripAdvisor page:

We are both Irish and engineers who love travelling, history and chatting! We would be pretty awesome conversation at least on the trek and are open to new experiences.

Let us know of you are interested and I will send you our email address to discuss.

All The best

Avril and Darragh



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  1. Hi James, my girlfriend and I are in the same situation as yours. We´ll arrive the 1st of september till 20th.
    We are looking forward an awesome manaslu treck for 18 days. If you want we could be in touch and check how we could manage the permits and routes 😉
    Kind regards

    • Luis! That’s awesome news! We are currently discussing plans with some great sounding guides – what is your email address / Facebook? We can therefore chat about timings more easily. We would really like to do Manaslu with a few other like-minded trekkers! We can share with you what our guide is like and it will make the trip more fun and cheaper for all of us too.

      Send me your details here or message me individually. 🙂

  2. Hello everybody! I am in the process of looking for some Trekkers to do the Manaslu circuit with. I’m pretty interested to do something without the giant crowds with a couple of like minded people. I have lots of experience with hiking and have been looking forward to hiking in Nepal for a long time now. I arrive in Nepal on the 24th of August but am keen to start hiking by the 1st of September and have to be back for my flight in Kathmandu by the 22nd.
    Shoot us a message if your interested in a couple more hikers to join your group.

    • Hi William! Sounds great but we recently chanfed our start time for the trek to September 16th. So I don’t think our travel dates align which is a pity! All the best though and enjoy the trek 🙂

  3. Hi james! Your plans sound wonderful. I Am travelling alone and have Just arrived in Kathmandu. I would love to do the manaslu trek. Could I still join?
    And do you plan to include the Tsum valley?
    Your mindset sounds awesome! Do you stad in kathmandu? Maybe we can meet or exchange email addresses?



    • Hello Sarah!

      Thanks for the message! You sound right up our alley in terms of friendliness and openness and i am sure we would share some great stories! Our travel plans changed recently and I have updated our start time for trekking. We plan to start on the 16th of September. Does this suit you? Let me know – our email address to reach us on is


  4. Hi,

    I would like to join for the Manaslu circuit trek, for some company and to share costs. I’m traveling solo.

    I land in the morning on Sunday 18th Sept so won’t be ready to start trekking until the morning of the 19th realistically.

    I know this is a little late for you but thought I’d drop a note in case your plans change. Let me know!


  5. Hey Guys!

    I’m in Kathmanduu right now and will stay in Nepal next three mth!

    working in rebulding school after earthquake. But right now looking for crew to make Manaslu and Tsum!

    What Your Price including? Just have some local friends and I got better 🙂

    My Crew change plan for ABC, but I think Manaslu is for me much more!!! looking for Your plan and contact