Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello there,

I’m planning on doing the Manaslu Trek, I’ve only done a little research so far so I dont have any exact itinerary yet but I know I wouldn’t like to rush so I also wanna enjoy the scenery and have time for taking loads of pics. Last year I did the Annapurna Base Camp other than this I dont really have a lot of trekking experience, However I’m reasonably fit and confident that I wouldn’t be a burden on anyone 🙂 I’d like to stay in the teahouses rather than carry my own tent.
Also my budget is very low as I’ll be doing this as part of my annual 6-months Asia trip.
Hoping to avoid the Manaslu Trail Race which starts on 5th November, does anyone have any information on that?

If interested please drop me a line.
cheers 🙂



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  1. Hi Sofia. I am interested in doing the manaslu starting around the end of October or first few days of November. I heard you have to have at least two hikers on a permit so would be very interested in sharing a guide/permit and having a treking partner. Let me know if you r interested in discussing more details 🙂

    • Hello Caitlin, thank you for your message. I’d be interested but it seems I might have to postpone my trip and go in April instead. I’m not sure yet so when I find out I’ll definitely let you know.

    • Hi all.
      I hope to hike Manslu circuit with a Tsum valley side trip. About 18 days hiking I believe.
      Departure planned for early November too.
      Sharing the hire of a jeep to start of the trail and maybe even share a guide if we have common hiking plans.
      I also prefer a very small group. It is likely my husband will join me so we make a party of two already and think one or two more hikers would be a good number.
      All of our previous hiking adventures, Annapurna circuit and sanctuary, Markha valley (India), Singalila (India), several multi day hikes in New Zealand, we have hiked without guides/porter’s which is the way we prefer. I understand on this hike however we need a registered guide or Porter. So, since we need to get one I would like to try and get one that is well regarded, experienced and knowledgeable. Any one have any information, leads on this?

    • Ok Ladies I have my time off approved and want to get a group organized!! I plan to leave Idaho on October 20th so will be in Nepal on October 22nd or 23rd. I am willing to be a little flexible with a start date as I am traveling solo and need to hook up with a few other hikers. I would LOVE to add on the Tsum valley to the circuit and also would like to keep the group small. I have had a few guides recommended to me by friends that have completed this trek that I just contacted today. If you guys would like to talk serious details let me know, we could even skype or something to see if we are on the same page as far as travel styles 🙂 Thanks!! Caitlin

    • Hi Caitlin,
      I’m looking at traveling to Nepal the at end of October and am interested in doing Manaslu Circuit. I have a guide that I used for Kanchenjunga last year who has done Manaslu before, but not sure if he’s available. I would also be fine with doing teahouses and have some flexibility on dates. Perhaps we can touch base and see if this might work out.
      Just let me know:)

  2. Hi Sofia (and others) !
    I am planning to do Manaslu circuit around these dates. I am developing my plans for October in Nepal (need a trekking buddy) and hope to jump on a trail around Manaslu end of Oct or beginning of Nov. I hate big groups so I would be happy to join 1-2-3 person group.

    • Hi Sergiy,
      I read your long impressive list of treks you have made in the last years. In the last 3 years I have made only 3 longer treks in Nepal but before a lot of high altitude tours in the alps and an Karakorum expedition (>7000m). Because the more stable weather I like to start end of October and use 17 to 20 trekking days for the Manaslu circuit with a long side trip to Tsum valley a lot of short day trips depending on the conditions (healthy, weather, mood, …).
      I’m usual plan and organize my trips autonomous and maybe we can discuss and agree a arrangement.

  3. Hey :).. I’m planning my next trip to Nepal. I’ll arrive in KTM at the end of Oktober and I hope to walk Manaslu and maybe the Tsum Valley. I’m seeking a partner to share the experience. I have about 4 weeks for this travel, so I’m not very flexible when it come to shifting in timeschedule for the trekking. I’m open for any request to see if we can make it happen. My plan is to stay in KTM valley or Pokhara for some days to get strong… My pace is between slow and average. I might consider two or 3 days break in during the trekking, if the place feels good to hang out for some. Last year I’ve mett a good trekking guide in Nepal, so we can ask him if he wants to guide us. He is friendly, reliable, good company and he know’s his way in the Annapurna region. I’m not sure if he know the Manaslu-Tsum Valley region that well. I’m open for other guide options as well.

  4. Hi Sofie (and others),
    I’m planning to arrive in Nepal at the end of October and would love to make a trekking in Nepal with some nice people to share this experience with. I like you idea of trekking but also having time for pictures and not rushing too much.

    My plans are not very fixed yet, still reading about different treks and trying to figure out what suits me best. Manaslu sounds great, read nice things about it.. If you’re interested, please let me know your plans and maybe we can combine plans.


  5. Hi All,

    I’m also planning to do the Manaslu/Tsum valley trek around this time. I’ll be in Nepal for 3 months arriving on the 18th Oct so time isn’t an issue.

    I’ve been to Nepal twice, trekked EBCx2 (from Jiri) & Annapurana full circuit inc Base camp. Looking for a new adventure. I’m 39, reasonably fit – not looking for a porter as I like carrying my own gear, so just the necessary guide for these regions.

    Not sure if you guys are aware, but the Manaslu Mountain Trail 2016 starts from Tue, Nov 8th (Stage 1 – Sotikhola) until Wed, Nov 16th (Stage 7 – Dharapani). I’m hopefully looking to avoid this as accommodation will be hard to find.

    Let me know if anyone is interested – dates flexible.


  6. Hi folks,

    Looks like there might be a small group coming together for an early November Manaslu trek!

    I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 30 October so can leave for the trek on 1 November or thereabouts. I only have four weeks so not much flexibility on dates.

    I’ve never been to Nepal before but have plenty of hiking experience.

    I’m hoping to do Manaslu plus Tsum Valley in about 20 days. I’ve made arrangements with a trekking company in case I can’t find a partner.

    Would be great to know if a small group is forming that will be departing around this time. I know the Manaslu Race is on, but hoping we’ll only cross paths one night since they’ll be travelling much faster!

    I’m new to this site and not quite sure how to make contact privately without putting my email address on here. If anyone knows, please fill me in!

  7. Hello All Friends i am trekking guide in nepal may i help your trip .

  8. Hi Sofia/others

    Just wondered if you (or anyone else!) had finalised a group for Manaslu trek?

  9. There is an organized trek on nov 2 to manaslu and thum valley. I’m a solo traveler and was going to share in that permit but only do manaslu for 16 days due to time constraints. Permits need to be requested by oct 27/28 if you want to go early November due to the office closing because of the holiday. I have organized a guide/porter from Black expedition if you are interested in joining.