Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m planning to leave Kathmandu on Sunday, May 8th and return Friday, May 20th. No more plans made yet.



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  1. Hi Jen,
    I will be in Nepal for a few weeks before and after you. I plan to trek in the Annapurnas from late April until around May 8th, then my brother is flying in from California to meet me until about May 20 (same as you). I know he is interested in some backpacking (teahouse trekking or camping, or both) while he’s there. Maybe we can coordinate together since our time periods aline?

  2. Hi Vicky! Did I read that correctly that you’ll be doing the Annapurnas and Manaslu back-to-back? I hope I wouldn’t slow you down too much given that you’ll surely be in better shape then 🙂

    I’d love to join forces with you and your brother. I have been in touch with a friend of a friend who has a trekking agency in Nepal, and have just checked with him on availability and prices for a guide (My alternative plan, if I don’t find a group, is to do EBC on my own). Were you planning to hire a guide? I will skip the porter and carry my own pack.

    Here’s what I’m thinking:

    Day 1 KTM (Arughat) Soti Khola
    Day 2 Soti Khola Machha Khola
    Day 3 Machha Khola Jagat
    Day 4 Jagat Deng
    Day 5 Deng Namrung
    Day 6 Namrung Shyala
    Day 7 Shyala Samagaon
    Day 8 Samagoan Samdo
    Day 9 Samdo Larkye Phedi
    Day 10 Larkye Phedi Bimthang
    Day 11 Bimthang Tilje
    Day 12 Tilje Srichaur
    Day 13 Sirichaur (Besisahar) KTM

    Let me know what you think!

  3. Jen
    I did Manaslu in 2013 and have put some blog notes together. We all met here in TP and had a ball. Laura in our group went on to do AC from Dharapani and said the Manaslu trek was harder than AC. Our guide was excellent and knew the lodge owners well. He was the first guide through after the earthquake. The hot springs should be complete we passed halfway through day 2, people may alter their itinerary now as they looked like they would bevery nice when complete

    Notes at

    Newcastle Australia

  4. Hi if you are looking for a really good guide to take you around Manaslu then contact Siri Pokhrel. Very nice, always helpful, good English very experienced.

  5. I agree with Ross! I have used Siri for the Manaslu and kanchenjunga treks and he was able to get us over the passes and opened up closed villages along the way. He is very experienced and competatively priced. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and have fun!

  6. Jen
    I did Manaslu in Dec 2013 with a group who found each other on this forum. We had a girl who went on to AC after Manaslu. We left her at Dharapani and we got a jeep to Besisahar. See if you can fit the Tsum Valley in. This was a real highlight of our trip and the people are lovely there. We spent 2 nights at Mu Gompa and walked up the ridge above the monastrey on the spare day, the monk there is a great guy. Search for Sue Dengate’s track notes as these were accurate pre earthquake. There were hot springs being built midway through day 2 from Arughat. These should be finished now and may be worth altering you intinerary to stop here. We too used Siri and he is a good guide. Happy to offer any other advice if you need.
    Andrew Morgan
    Newcastle, Australia

  7. Hello!
    i am in Kathmandu already, staying near Boudha, and hoping to start a trek next week for less than 2 weeks. Looking for fellow travellers but to avoid agency cost. Let me know if you go without an agency. I am most interested in seeing Milerapa’s cave!