Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi I am wanting to Trek the Manaslu Circuit and possibly add in Tsum Valley. I am trying to make this Trek as cheap as possible. I will be available the entire month of October and am flexible on the dates within the month. I have a guide lined up so now I just need a partner for trekking and permitting. I will be packing my own gear so I will not need a porter. I can Trek at a decent pace but will want to stop for the odd photo and such, I am definitely in no rush. Anyone who0 would like to join please get back to me.



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  1. Hi Curtis,

    How is the search for a trek buddy going?

    I am looking to do a two week trip end of sept/start of October to the Manaslu circuit.

    In addition to trekking I would be quite keen to throw in some mountain biking (if possible) along the way.

    I have just joined this site so my profile is pretty scarce but will update in the next few days.

    Let me know if you are interested and fancy talking about it further.


  2. Hey Curtis,

    I will be going to Nepal for about three months in mid-September and am looking to do some trekking on some more “off-the-beaten-path” trails (I was looking into far western Nepal) and your plans definitely sound intriguing. I am planning on carrying my own gear, etc. and trying to save money when possible, like you. If you are interested in chatting some more about your plans, just let me know!

  3. Hi Curtis,

    I’ll go to Nepal in October (plan to arrive at the 5th), probably sort out an Indian visa by the next week, then I’m ready to go trekking.
    The Manaslu circuit sounds interesting for me, and I’m up for the Tsum valley part as well.
    If the mid Oct departure suits you (cca 13-14-15-ish), and you still look for someone to go with, then get me back.


  4. Hello all !!!
    i am trekking guide in nepal

  5. Hi! I am interested in participating this journey. I will get back from AC to Kathmandu on 30th Sep or 1st of Oct, so possible departure could be 2nd Oct.
    Have to say I am more interested in Tilicho Pass, Dhaulagiri and Kanchenjunga but so far no people there. I will still monitor the site till late August for these treks

  6. Hey, I am interested in participating this journey too. I will arrive in Kathmandu on 30th Sep. Cheers.

  7. Hey Curtis!
    Am interested in Manaslu circuit and potentially Tsum valley as well around these dates. Have my own gear and am of reasonable fitness. No himalayan experience but do plenty of hiking here in New Zealand. I’ll be in KTM on the 30th september.
    Let me know if you still need anyone!

  8. Hey everyone! I am planning to trek The Manaslu circuit and a continuation to Tsum valley as well.
    I am looking for a partner and possibly a guide.
    Let me know if you are looking for company!

  9. Hey Curtis, I arrive in Ksthmandu on the 28th September and my flight back to England is on the 21st October. Also looking to do the Manaslu circuit and finish up at the tsum valley. Would you be interested in going around these dates and getting a jeep to and from Kathmandu?

  10. Hey Curt!

    I reside from Kelowna, BC, Canada. I’m also available the whole month of October (I fly in late September and leave early November). I’m looking into doing this trek on a lower/moderate budget, at a moderate pace – but am in no real rush. As I’d like to take some photos and the occasional stop of interest along the way.

    Please let me know if you’re still looking for people.



  11. Hi!
    I would like to add in your company. Your plans are good for me and I ready going for you.
    Answeer if you agree and let’s discus it in Skype. My username: sergio61101

  12. Hi Curtis,

    i just read your text and it is exactly what i would like to do as well. I’m from germany and i love to photograph and to enjoy the nature. if your interested, let me know maybe we can Skype etc. because my profile is not that good.

  13. Hey man! Your plan sounds awesome. Exactly what I wanted to do as well. Please have a look at my hiking journal to see if we would be good trekking buddies. I plan to document the whole trek and would love to do some camping / milky way shots along the way.

  14. Hey guys. my name’s alaitz, I’m in pohkara now, also looking to do manaslu starting around this time. Please let me know if anyone ones to share a guide. Also looking to do it low budget and have all my own equipment. Hope to meet some of u guys soon