Manaslu Circuit Trek

I plan to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek and maybe add the Tsum Valley at the end. I would like to do it in between 15 and 20 days.



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  1. Hi Michelle,

    If you considered holding off a few days we could depart together on the 13 April?

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Michele,

    I am planning the same trip departing on the 10th but need to be back to Kathmandu on 22end so only have about 11days for hiking. Does this at all suit your plans or you have decided on a longer trek? Do you think its possible to do part of the trek together and split up the last 5-7 days? Are you already in contact with a guide for this? I have proposals from some agencies.


  3. Hi,
    Let’s tracking together. I will stay two nights in varanasi and than I will arrived in Nepal at the 05.04. There I will find a guide and we can start. If you interested write me. See you soon.

  4. Hello Michele, Vlad and Felix.

    I Arrive to Kathmandu tomorrow the 5th and am hoping to find a partner for the manaslu circuit trek. I too am hoping to leave between the 10th and 12th and want to take 15-20 days to complete the trek.

    Let me know if it sounds good and you guys would want to partner up and meet.

    Sincerely Alex

  5. HI michele,

    I am currently in pokhora and am interested in joining you on the manaslu trek.



  6. Hey Michelle,

    I currently am in Kathmandu and was also looking to do the trek in 16-20 days. I’ve been talking to a couple of agencies and have been quoted ranges between 675 to 1250 all without food and accommodation. The agency that I feel the best about I negotiated to 780 for 20 days. I’m planning on breaking off in dharapani to continue on the Annapurna. The cost for the guide is 25.00 a day and can be split between people. So of we went together we’d each pay 250. With a group the price pax would be 480 not including food and acoomadation. Let me know if that sounds like that would be of interest. I was hoping to leave around the 9th.

    Let me know what you think.

  7. Hey michelle! I would really love to join you on the manaslu circuit! Are you still planning to do it? Maybe we can meet in kathmandu, I’m thete at the moment, and talk about it? I’m quite flexible on the date so just let me kniw what suits you!

  8. Hell All,
    I am very interested in joining this trek if still possible. I’d prefer to hike the Tsum Valley as part of the overall trek as well. Currently I’m in Katmandu, can meet in person, and am ready to leave to trek at any time. After the hike I plan to stay in the Gorkha area for a few days to see the local culture. If you still have space for another partner please contact me!


  9. Hey,
    Im coming to Kathmandu tomorrow and living in Thamel. My plan right now is to leave solo for the ACT on sunday morning after I fix my ACAP and TIMS tomorrow. However, if there is a group going to Manaslu leaving on Sunday or latest Monday I could be interested. Happy to meet up in Thamel over a coffe to discuss.