Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, This trip is now closed. We’re heading off tomorrow, 29.3.16 for the Tsum & Manaslu. Hope everyone finds the trip that they are looking for and all the best.

Hi, I’m Michael, nearly 60 YO Australian solo traveler in Nepal for 3 months this spring.
Trekked Tsum Valley/Manaslu circuit in the autumns of ’13 & ’14. It’s the magic of the Tsum and it’s people that I want to visit again for a third time:)
As two people are required for the permit, what I’ve done in the past is team up with other people but have my own licensed porter-guide so that we can go our own way if we want to. For example, in the Tsum, I’d like to do at least the side trip to Gumpa Lungdang if it’s recovered from the earthquake and if the nuns are in residence. If other people, want to come along, great. I may stay another night at one of the Tsum villages and then on to the Manaslu. I like flexibility in case a Lama is visiting or there is a festival or whatever on. So I estimate about 21-23 days total. For an old fella, I often walk quickly at altitudes below 3000 m but take it easy about that. I have some updated notes from after the earthquake and I have knowledge from previous treks, but the earthquake has changed things a bit. Contact me in the by 27th March ’16 if you’re interested in starting within a week or so. If I can’t get things organized I’ll head to Pokhara, and do a trek from there and maybe try the Tsum/Manaslu later in the season.
Enjoy your travels, Michael.



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