Manaslu Circuit Trek

I would like to travel the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley–estimating about 20 days total for the trek with a small group (2-4 people) and a guide. I want to go trekking teahouse-based, with just a guide–so travelling relatively light and no camping. I’m a bit flexible on side trips (including Tsum Valley)–the most important thing for me is just to be out there for a while and not skip back into town right away 🙂

I arrive in Kathmandu on March 1 and would like to leave for the trail a few days after that.

A bit about me: I am 23 and an avid trekker, I’ve been all over my native California but also around the Western US and to Patagonia, and am looking forward to exploring Nepal, learning about the culture and the people, and being in the mountains. Especially being in the mountains 🙂

Budget estimate includes cost of guide and teahouses.



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  1. hello Tim, I am planning Manaslu n Tsum valley too. Will arrive Kathmundu on 04 march and start for manaslu on 05. Need another trekker to get permit. Also, will be nice to share guide cost if guide is mandatory. Though more comfortable without guide. Previosly I did ABC and Langtang independently.

    Let me know if our shedule matches.

  2. Mithun, the dates aren’t perfect but could work. We might have to get a permit in person which would delay things, especially since 05 March is a Saturday…but we should talk more. I read your trip proposal and it looks like we want similar things.