Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi everyone,
I am heading to Kathmandu on the 1st of March, and I need some buddies to come along. My first preference is the Manaslu Circuit Trek, but I am also considering the Annapurna circuit trek. I would like to be there for about 3 weeks.



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  1. Hi!
    I am planning to get to Nepal around the same time, most probably the 1st of March. Makalu base camp is my first choice, its off the beaten track and just recently teahouses have opened along the trek.. it`s like 20 days long and we need to fly to Tumlingtar from kathmandu with Budda air.

    Have a look and let me know: mine is not a fix plane.



    • (plan)

    • Hi Giovanni,
      probably the message was first destined to Hanh but I could be interested for the Makalu base camp at those dates, but I thought there was not so much teahouses ans we have to rely on camping. Being a small group could lower the price a lot. Let me know how your plan goes. Maybe you could edit a Makalu trip to see if other people could be interested.


    • Hey Giovanni, do you know if there is an other possibility than taking a plane to Tumlingtar? Do you know if it’s also possible to catch a bus from Kathmandu?

  2. Hi Hanh, I’m arriving in KTM on 2nd of March, would like to do Manaslu too but haven’t find buddies yet. Do you have any partner yet for the trek? I could be interested if we can make a group of 3-4. Giovanni could join us, maybe this is the (plan) ?? Could be nice. Like you I want to take time for photography and dont feel the rush of other trekkers. Let me know.

  3. Hi guys, I’m arriving at Kathmandu on March 1st and was planning to do Annapurna Circuit Trek. If you guys change your mind and decide to do Annapurna Circuit instead of Makalu base camp I will gladly join!

  4. Hi Guys!
    I am looking for some buddies to do a great trek in Nepal too. I am arriving in KTM the first of March 2016. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is my first preference, but when you can change my mind with a good idea, please let me know! 🙂
    Cheers Wouter

    • Hi Woulter

      You still looking for trekking buddies? I’m planning to start the Manaslu Circuit around early March.


    • Hee Nick, I send you a message yesterday, did you get it?


    • Hi! I plan to start the Manaslu around the third of march and would like to join you guys. Is it possible? Let me know

  5. Hey everyone,

    Another person looking at a Manaslu (and preferably Tsum Valley) trek starting in early March. I’m already in Nepal and will have completed the Annapurna Circuit by that point, so should be in good shape for the trek. I’m hoping for a fairly relaxed schedule if possible, as I don’t have any particular time pressures (apart from a flight out of Kathmandu on the 20th of April). If anyone is interested, let me know. 🙂

    • hey Quentin, I would also love to do the manaslu curcuit and tsum valley but I am planning to start already between the 26.2 and 1.3. since I keep on travelling to India at the end of march. If you finish Annapurna earlier and would be ready for Manaslu at the end of february let me know 🙂 enjoy Annapurna! Sina

    • Hi Quentin

      You still looking for trekking buddies? I’m planning to start the Manaslu Circuit around early March.


  6. Hi friends,
    I am going for Annapurna Base Camp trek in Nepal. As of now we are two people. I am looking for like-minded people to join us on this exciting trek, from 24th March to 9th Aril 2016, from different part of the world. It would good to trek together, exchange information and thoughts, If we can have 5 or more people we can bring the cost down for the group as well. Can you please suggest forum or group where we can post our plan to form a nice group and meet trekkers?

  7. Hey:)
    I’m planning to do the Manaslu circuit in the beginning of March, Is there a grop to join or anybody who wants to come along?
    I’m a 24 year old student from germany. I haven’t got any hiking experiences but am physically fit, love the outdoors and it would be great to have good company on the way.
    I arrive in Nepal on the 11th of February and plan to do some helpxing/wwoofing first but that’s quite flexible.
    Just leave a PM to let me know:)

    • Hey Ulla,
      As long as u r fit and can walk for 5 to 6 hours in mountain u r good to go. we are three going to Annapurna Base camp from 24th March to 9th April let me know if u want to join us.

    • Hej Rajenda,

      somehow I can’t send you a PM, so I’ll answer in here.

      Thanks for your message!
      But I’ve found some people to go on the manaslu trek with me in march, so I’ll do that. Your option sounds bit too expensive for me right now.


    • Hi Ulla

      I’m looking at starting the Manaslu Circuit in early March. You still looking for treeking buddies?


  8. Hi Hanh,
    We are group of three going to Annapurna Base camp , starting 24th March will end on 9th April. With good resting and time on the way and few days in Pokhara for sighseeing as well . Will cost you around USD 950 for 17days Let me know if you want to join us.

  9. Hi Hanh

    I also would like to do the manaslu circuit early march. I have already done the abc and annapurna circuits so not interested in those. Let me know if you would like to buddy up or perhaps there is room for one more if you have already formed a group? Im a 27 year old female from nz;)

    • Hello fellow Kiwi

      I’m also looking at doing the Manaslu Circuit in early March and would be keen to team up if you’re still looking for trekking buddies – let me know.


    • Hi Nick, Joanna,

      I, along with my girlfriend, both kiwis are also planning to do the Manaslu trek from 2 March. Sounds like there could be a decent group? Message me if you would like to co-ordinate.


  10. Hey Hanh and everyone else 🙂
    I am also planning to do the manaslu circuit at the end of february/ the beginning of march, have you already found partners?
    if there is a group doing the trek and still having a place for one person let me know 🙂
    would be happy to hear from you guys! Sina

  11. Hi Guys,
    Miriam (Tom’s girlfriend) here. All those keen for the Manaslu trek – does anyone have a preference or a recommendation for a Guide/ Trekking Company?
    We got a quote for USD360 per person which includes everything (guide, accom, permits) for 15 days (doesn’t include someone carrying your bag, but we wouldn’t opt for that ourselves). Maybe it would come down per person with a larger group.

    • Hi Miriam & Thomas,

      good to hear that you are also interested in the Manaslu Trek! I arrive in KTM on 1st of March and will leave on the 9th of April, in between I have no set plans yet, therefore I am still flexible with planning.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any preference of recommendation for a guide. The price sounds good to me, so let’s see if we can make plans together. 🙂

      Cheers, Wouter

    • That does seem super reasonable to me as well. I’m in country from March 2nd to the 24th, if your thinking about that window, I’d love to join.


    • I am super in!! Ready to start the Manaslu trek on the 2nd of march. let me know if I can join you guys.

  12. Hey everybody, it sounds like there are a good number of people heading in the Manaslu direction in early March! If you want an extra person let me know and we can see if what we are looking for matches up.

    I arrive March 1 but I am a bit flexible on when I can leave, and I prefer longer treks (~18-20 days) if possible.

    • Hi Tim!
      I arrive on the 29th of February in Kathmandu and would like to start the Manaslu on the 2nd or the 3rd of march. Also, after Manaslu I would like to continue with the Annapurna circuit for a total of 25 days.
      What do you think? Do you want to join me for the 25 days of trek? or maybe just the Manaslu circuit? LEt me know 🙂

  13. Hey Guys,
    I arrive in Khatmandu on the 2nd and fly out on the 24th of March. I would like to do Manaslu Trek, and then maybe the Tsum Valley or some side trips off the Manaslu trail.

    Open to anything really, Just need to make my flight in the late evening of the 24th.


  14. Hi everyone.

    My friend and I will start Makalu base Camp trek sometimes around the 18th of March.
    No porters, no guide.
    Almost all the the tea houses will be open along the way, but we’ll be carring also full camping gear and food, ready to camp if necessary.
    Good luck to all of you and anyone is around those dates and thinks they can cope with a self sufficient trek in this remote region with 2 Italians then hit me up..



  15. Hello trekkers,

    Here Thomas (French)
    I read that all of you are looking for trekking buddies. Found some ?
    I could leave Katmandu on March 9th.
    Would anyone be up for this ?

    Teaming up with a local guide would be good.

    Have a nice day.