Manaslu Circuit Trek


My name is Manuel Ramos, I’m originally from Venezuela but currently living in Austria. I’m “planning” a flash trip to Nepal this year, hopefully to celebrate my 45th birthday in the trail. My initial idea is to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek, but is seems I need a permit which is issued to a minimum group of 2 trekkers (+guide I guess?)

Little background about myself: I consider myself a fast pace trekker but I rather to walk at moderate pace when I’m with company. I have experience doing mountaineering in Andes, US and a little alpine climbing in Europe. I’m an engineer, kind of retired now, and my line of work was design of sustainable products.

If you’re interested to share expenses of guide (if needed) and transportation, drop me a message. I can offer bad jokes in Spanish and English (my german isn’t there yet) and maybe interesting conversations.

Dates and itinerary are flexible. Consider 7 days of quarantine required arriving Nepal.





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  1. I’m heading to KTM – arriving on Oct 5. I’ll be trekking solo with a guide but I’m down to split the trek mandatory duo permit fees so we don’t both pay double!