Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hey !
I want to start the treck at the 7th of january and i am looking for someone joining me. If you were thinking about doing the treck at more a less this time let me know i am a bit flexible. Its important for me to really enjoy and not to hurry and eventually take an extra day at a nice place…
I would be happy to hear from you!



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  1. Hey Anna! I might be interested in this. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu the 5th of January. How much research have you done? Apparently the higher elevation lodges are sometimes closed in winter and you have to pay someone from a lower village to trek up with you, open the lodge, and cook for you. Have you found a guide yet?

  2. Hey Julian,
    I also arrive on the 5th in Kathmandu. In the last days i heard its going to be difficult doing this treck because of the reasons you mentioned. Someone recommended me a guide but he is on a treck for the moment so i cannot reach him… maybee in a few days. I simply dont want to do Annapurna because its so common and maybee “crowded” in some way… but if you know a better treck for the winter tell me 🙂

  3. I checked out this list of the 12 best trecks but i think there might be the same problems if the teahouses are open at that time(for example Kanchenunga), you need to camp or the permit is so expensive…or do you also consider to camp? I tell you if the guide answered me 🙂

  4. I wrote with the agency they reccommended me. They said its more difficult but possible to do manaslu…i think its better to find a guide there, because it might be cheaper then…what do you think?

  5. Hie anna…
    Will land on 7th of january in kathmandu…
    I Have plans for short treks and exploring the nearby places of kathmandu within a duration of 7-8 days…quite flexible in itinery ..lemme know if we can do it..

  6. Servus Anna,
    Ich flieg am 8.1. nach Kathmandu und suche auch noch jemand für den Manaslutrek . Melde dich bei Interesse, hab Zeit bis 13.2.

  7. Hey all! I’m writing not to join your trek but because I saw your trip plan message and I wanted to warn you. The last lodge before the high pass, Dharmashala, is closed for the season. It’s possible that other lodges at the high locations have closed too, eg. Samdo. I completed the circuit in between 25th Nov and 7th Dec (about 13 days) 2015, so about a month ago. We started out without concerns, however a few days into our trek we heard word from local lodge owners that the last lodge before the high pass (Dharmashala) was planning to close on the 1st of Dec, and hence we had to consider our options, given that if closed we wouldn’t have this lodge to stay at and this might mean a 12 hour trek day going from Samdo (2nd last stop before the high pass Larke La), to Bhimthang (first town on the other side of the high pass) without stopping a night at Dharmashala (the normal itinerary which allows for the high altitude and normal altitude acclimatisation). As a result we rushed ourselves to arrive at Samdo on the 7th day (quite fast… About 8 hours hiking each day) and got altitude sickness in the process as well as getting quite burnt out. From Samdo we decided we needed half day of rest and to try to avoid the long 12 hour day crossing from there to Bhimthang if possible. We actually sent a guy ahead to Dharmashala (3 hours away) to ask them if they would stay open for us one more day. We prepared money to offer them as incentive to keep it open. We also asked around Samdo if anyone would be willing to come with us to open the lodge and cook for us for one night, given the likelihood Dharmashala would close. No dice… The next day we prepared for the possibility of a 12 hour day and left early in the morning, but hoped that our communication efforts might be successful and the guys at Dharmashala would pull through for us. Unfortunately it came clear a few hours later when we arrived there that that wouldn’t be the case; having been at an isolated cold location such a long time there was nothing that could be done or said or even paid to the workers to keep them open even one more day, and despite even having heard of our situation. We had to push on and cross the pass. 7 more hours of walking and we were all across, although feeling altitude sickness and with darkness at our backs, and with a further few hours walk to go… We didn’t make it all the way to Bhimthang that night and ended up sleeping outside in minus temps at the campfire of some Tibetan pony herders. Needless to say it was an adventure, but it wasn’t at all ideal and I wish for you all to avoid the same experience which ended up quite dangerous and a very rushed trek! Hoping any of you that are looking to do the Manaslu circuit this season see this message, as I’m quite sure we were the last trekkers to cross for this season…. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, good luck with trekking in any case!! And enjoy Nepal! Cheers, Jacqui