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  1. I am flexible in every possible way except the dates. My plans are not finalised. I have in mind trekking in Manaslu area if guesthouse stay is available (it is not clear at the moment – aftermath of the earthquaqe)

  2. Hi Natasha, I would maybe be interested, please take a look at my proposal and tell me what you think…
    How many days do you have for trekking?
    Best regards,

    • Hi Martin, I looked at your proposal — sounds good for me. It is similar to my original plan. Are you sure we’ll be able to complete it in 15 days? You seems to be very experienced trekker. It is going to be my 4th trek. I have been to EBC and Kala Patar, Mustang and Lantang area.
      Do you have a guide in mind?
      As for the dates I must be back 9/04 arriving in Kathmandu 24/3-25/3.How does it sound t you? Natasha

  3. Hi Natasha,
    maybe your schedule will be too tight for trekking to the Tsum valley, they say that you need around 20 days altogether….
    I am sorry but I would love to trek there. For sure you will find somebody else, March is still far ahead.
    Best regards and have a nice trip!

  4. Hi Natasha,
    Are you still looking for someone to trek Manaslu?

    • Hi Julia,
      Yes, I am still looking for somebody to join me. My problem is that the dates are not flexible as I am a school teacher. What about you?

  5. Hi Natascha,
    My dates are flexible as I work as an independent consultant and don’t have any projects yet for March/April.

  6. I’ve been making enquiries. According to ROLAND HUNTER of :
    Thanks for getting in touch about Manaslu Circuit.
    We are not promoting this trek in 2016 as the trail has not been repaired since earthquake

    • The guide with whom i trekked twice told me that it is possible to go, there are other trails. I always wanted to go to Larkia La pass, but it depends on snow. The area on the other side of the pass was damaged significantly but I think Tsum valley is still ok. I have a guide whom I trust, my friends recommended him and I did 2 treks with him and my daughter. What do you think? It is not my intention to go if it is not safe. I would prefer to change the destination.

  7. It’s great that you know a guide whom you trust. It’s worth looking into it more. Here’s some info I received this morning from a company. ‘Things after quake in Manaslu are bit rough so, it might take longer around 3-4 days then the initial itinerary as walking path are damaged in this area.’ What other destinations are you thinking of?

  8. And have just seen this in reply to an article written in the summer about which treks are open. It’s encouraging : ‘angus said 2 days ago

    Just returned from Nepal. Trekked the Manaslu circuit from 20th December to 2nd Jan (2016). No problems with bridges or the trail. Much landslide damage across the path (in the first few days) but the trail is definitely open, as are the lodges.’

    • I always wanted to go to Tilicho lake, it is around EBC trek. I’ll speak to my guide about the situation around Manaslu. He should know. I’ll try to get the itinerary for the trek and send you. I haven’t got ticket yet. If you have some contacts or company in mind please make your suggestions. Do you want me to get the price from him – 2 people trekking?

  9. I found this description of Tilicho lake in the Annapurna range. It does sound good and there’s scope for doing it in less days than they propose. I’ve no experience of working with compânies or guides before as went with my son who did all the research. This year I’m happy to have a guide and a porter to carry some of my gear!

  10. Hi Natasha,
    we had contact before, meaybe it would be a good idea to go together. I looked at the dates a bit closer and I will arrive in Kathmandu on 18th and hope to arrange everything with the permits on 19th, but since that is a saturday I am not sure whether I will succeed. So, if not, the permits on the following Monday and leave on Tuesday 22nd March.
    This is already very close to your departing date and I was thinking that Tsum valley is not really necesssary, so we could start on 24th, what do you think? However, you arrive in KTM on 24th, isn’t that so? So you would have to arrange permits on 25th and can leave on 26th. Or how are your exact plans?
    Best regards!

    • Hi Martin,
      I am going with a friend, we have already made our plans and our pace might be a bit too moderate for you. I am sure you will find somebody, maybe through the agency? Sorry , I should have removed my post. Best wishes . Natasha

    • I want to pass Manaslou track too and I look for partners. I have no tickets to Nepal yet, but I plan to arrive 27-29.03. If you are still interested in my company, then let know and let’s discuss plans.
      And I want find indipending gyde (normal price 20$ per day for grope) and pass only Manaslou track till Bimthang and pass to Annapurna cercuit later. The all jorney about 20 days (I now that is possible).

    • Hi Martin,
      Hi Natasha,

      I just found your proposal and discussion. I am also planning on doing the Manaslu Trek. I’ll be arriving in Kathandu on March 20 and have a flight back home leaving on April 9.
      What is the current status of your plans? Are you still looking for a trekking partner?

  11. Serguei zdravstvuite, mu budem v kathmandu 23 i dolzhnu nachat’ trek nemedlenno. U menya ochen malo vremeni. I, ya bous’, chto mu budem idti dovolno medlenno 🙂 . Udachi