Manaslu Circuit Trek

Planning to do the trek with one or two (or more ;)) travellers together. Did the Annapurna Trek in 2001 and now I want to explore more of Nepal. Probably an appr 13 days trek, 22nd of october, could leave a day earlier or later, we can plan more accurate when we have more joining.

We can share a guide who can arrange all permits and transport (appr 500 dollars). Not sorted out yet if a packaged trip is a smart option, so please inform me when you have a pile of extra information to prepare! For now I can imagine organising on route could work.

See the schedule underneath on several propasal, seems a good setup;
D1 Transportation from Kathmandu to Maccha Kola
by public bus, 6AM (8-10 hrs)
D2 to Jagat (7hrs)
D3 to Dyang (7hrs)
D4 to Namrung (7hrs)
D5 to Lho (4hrs)
D6 to Samagaun (4hrs)
D7 Acclimatization hike to base camp (8 hrs) or Pungen Gompa (5hrs)
D8 to Samdo (3hrs)
D9 to Dharamsala/Lake Perdi 4hrs
D10 to Larke Pass to Bimthang (10hrs)
D11 to Tilche (7hrs)
D12 to Dharapani (2hrs)
D13 Return Kathmandu by public transportation (8-10hrs) or Pokhara



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