Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, I’m travelling solo and would like to hike the Manaslu circuit during my time in Nepal. I’m generally a low-cost traveller but am fairly flexible and I’ve put the start date 15th April, but I can probably do +/- 2 days. Write if this sounds interesting and we can take it from there.



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  1. Hey, I have seen your comment in one of the posts – is there any chance your dates are more flexible? 🙂

    I also have fixed dates and arriving on April 25th.

    Otherwise all the best on the trek 🙂

  2. Hi Tina. Thanks for writing. The 25th would be too late for me unfortunately. Good luck!

  3. Hi Erik…where are things at now? I did the ACT in December and am back again, available after April 12

  4. Sorry…it’s Tom from Canada