Manaslu Circuit Trek

I am Nina 24 yrs old from Germany and a mountain and hiking lover.
I want to trek Manaslu circuit trek in February and I am looking for one or multiple trekking partner. So far we are two people and will start our trek on 16th of February and take maximum 15 days.
I am hoping for some like-minded hiking enthusiasts that would like to come along this journey with me!

Please connect if you’re interested or have any recommendations for me!

Cheers, Nina



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  1. Hi Nina

    I have 1 client conform but the date is 24 Dec 2022 so if you want to make in this date that will be awesome and we can do trek together.

    For more details please WhatsApp message me +9779841074806

    Thank you.

  2. Local guide from Nepal
    whatsapp: 977 9842474250

  3. Flexible starting date? Im hoping to do it marchish, also less snow! Let me know

    • Hi William, I am also looking to start the trek mid march. Do you want to connect?

  4. Hi, I am Sunil from India. I have plan going for Manaslu circuit trek in April’23 end. Feb will be too early for this trek. If there is a change in your plan let me know.

  5. Hi Nina,

    My name is Lisa, I am 27 years old and also from Germany, but live currently in Canada. I am a mountain and hiking enthusiast too and used to work as a trekking guide in Canada and Nicaragua. I would like to do the Manaslu Trek too, but I am rather thinking of mid March as a start date, since it gets to quite high elevations. Let me know, if you are reconsidering the starting date. I would love to join!

    • Hi Lisa, we are having a date fixed now and start the trek 16th Feb. 🙂 So will not make any changes now. Hope you’ll find a nice companion.

  6. There are not opening the lodges at Larkya Phedi/Dharmasala and Bhimtang en route of Manaslu Circuit in February. The Larkya La (high/mountain pass) can be closed due to winter snow in February.

    • Norsang Ji I called Samdo hotel Zambala and Bimtang hotel are not close even now they are opening whole winter if you have group you can go no worry about Hotel.

  7. Phurinji jee, my information is for February. Did you contact the lodge at Dharmasala/Larkya Phedi? February is different than January in winter. Larkya La is often covered by snow in the winter.

    • Yes Bro i contact owner of Zambala and he said open for whole winter.

  8. hi nina, my name is nicolas and i’m from canada. i was hoping to do this trek in february too. ideally i’d like to start a week earlier, but i may be able to alter my dates (i will know in about a week). are you still looking for additional people to join?

    • Hi there, we’re starting 27th Feb

    • Hi there, we’re starting 17th Feb

  9. Hi Nina,
    I would love to join Feb 16th with you.
    I was planning to go this exact date and my partner is not coming, so I am solo now and I need to join a group to get a guide. Please message me back and I can give you my information.

  10. Hi there, I am also interested and would love to join if possible! Would love to chat over whatsapp- please let me know!