Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m planning to do Manaslu Circuit Trek in duration of 14 days (2 days travel from and back to Pokhara). I have a certified guide who speaks English and knows Manaslu very well. I’m looking for a trekking partner(s) as I’m travelling alone. The standard circuit. Guide only. I’m flexible with dates but would prefer to start from Pokhara on November 5th :).



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  1. Hi Tea,

    I am currently working from home ( from UK but logging in from Kathmandu) and in dire need to go for mountains as the weather is opening up. I have few weeks left for holidays this year which I need to spend well.

    I Could join you in the trip and possibly discuss itenary and logistics in Kathmandu first? I need to hire few items but that can be sorted in Thamel in an hour.

    Let me know if interested I am travelling solo. Can give you a copy of my ID from UK.

    Sachit, my local number below:

  2. Hi Sachit, I’m in Pokhara and looking for somebody who might join from here

    • I can be in Pokhara on 4th Nov the earliest need a day tomorrow to finish work and hand them over.
      Can talk over WhatsApp etc to coordinate?
      Do let me know so I can book my time off


  3. Hi Sachit, can’t locate your number on whatsapp. Could you please text me on +385955292639 🙂

  4. Still looking for fellow trekkers. The cost of the guide (35usd) is to be divided among us and the guide will handle the permits as well.