Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello. We’re Yko (45) & Annelie (32), a couple from Holland. Yko is working in arts (music) and Annelie is a speech therapist and we are gonna walk the Manaslu circuit!! 🙂

We are gonna start walking the manaslu circuit on monday the 24th 2023. We’re arriving in Kathmandu on friday the 21th. We have allready found a guide, and his French girlfriend is also gonna walk with us. We’re looking for two other people to come and join our group.

We did quite a few treks around the world, annapurna, markha valley in Ladakh India, caucasus, carpathes. We did tea house treks and independent treks with a tent. We’re used to carrying our own luggage. We consider ourselves as quite fit hikers. Not super super fast but definitely not slow.

Want to join? Send us a message!

Annelie & Yko



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  1. Hi, I am Sunil from India. I am also planning to do manaslu trek in April end or May first week 2022. .I have done few treks in nepal like EBC AC, ABC, Mardi Himal, Langtang Valley etc. I can join and share guide and transportation costs.
    I am a medium pace walker at constant speed

    • Hi Sunil. Let’s keep in touch! Greetings Annelie

  2. Hi Sunil. Samenhang went wrong with my previous message and I can’t edit it. Very kind of you to respond to our trip, thanks! Lets keep in touch to see if our plans match. Greetings Annelie

    • Autocorrect samenhang = something

  3. Hi Anneliefranken, my tkts are yet to be done and no visa required for me as I’m Indian, so my travel plan is little flexible. Pls. Inform your plans before you apply for your permits.
    Sunil kumar Sethia +919831042680

    • We will! We didn’t book our tickets yes but will try to do it in the following weeks

    • We bought our tickets. We arrive in Kathmandu on friday 21 april and will have the saturday to arrange our permits and everything

  4. hi this is Pierren. We have climbed the Larke La Pass with our guide. I am sharing his contact, may he will assist your every inquiry.
    Whatapps: +9779842474250; Avi

    • Thanks for your contacts!

  5. Hi Yko and Annelie! I am looking to organise my first Trek in Nepal! I am planning to be over in April and May. After some research, Manaslu trek sounds the one that fit me the most.

  6. Hi, How long are you guys planning on doing the trek in? Are you guys doing the Tsum valley as well or just Manaslu?

  7. Hi. I think around 14 days but we don’t have a specific itenerary yet. We’re planning in doing only Manaslu, because we don’t have enough time to do both unfortunately. What about your plans?

  8. I am planning on doing it in 10-12 days due to shortage of time. Seems like Tsum Valley is not an option at this time. Lets keep in touch and may be we will figure out the timing and duration of the trek

    • Seems like a good idea. We didn’t book our tickets yet but we will let you know when we will

  9. 14 days from Kathmandu or from start of the trail? It seems like they need original passport to issue the permits so we need to be there at the permit issuing office in Kathmandu

  10. Hey guys!

    I am actually looking for people to share and do Manaslu circuit in late April!! 😀

    I am French, 34 and I have trekked in Patagonia, China, Iceland and the US. Oh and of course Nepal!!
    I have done 6 treks in Nepal already including Mera peak which is 6476m 🙂

    I am not super fast because I love to eat and drink hahaha but I looove to throw myself challenges and do hard hikes in the mountains 😀

    I already have a great guide which knows so well his country and is super educated so he’s really interesting to talk to. He knows a lot about our culture too, which is a plus to chat about cinema, music and so on 🙂

    Let me know if you want to hook up and create a team for this new adventure! 😀

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Sounds good! Have you already set your start date?
      We arrive in Kathmandu on April 21 (Friday) and plan to arrange permits in Kathmandu on Saturday and want to start the trek shortly after. Does that match your schedule?

  11. Hey Yko and Annelie,

    Welcome to the new year! I am keen to join you folks if you are looking for one more person. I will already be in Nepal in April, and have some flexibility with the timing for this trek.


  12. Hi Yko and Annelie (and everyone else on this feed),

    I am looking to do the Manaslu trek as well and keen to join as I am traveling solo! I have flexibility on start dates as I had planned to fly to Kathmandu a few days before you guys. I had planned to do a guide only trek so this matches up perfectly. I’m 33, from the UK and work in Design, never been to Nepal so looking forward to experience what this beautiful country has to offer so let me know!

    All the best,