Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello! I’m planning on doing the Manaslu circuit over into the Annapurna. I’m looking for one other person since it’s required to have two people and a guide. The section in manaslu is required to have a guide and is about 12 days or so depending on side treks and acclimation. And then Annapurna ranges for another week or even shorter depending on if you want to take the bus and skip sections. I would like to start mid November. I already have a couple guides I am talking to that were recommended to me by friends who have done it before. Let me know if you’re interested 🙂



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  1. Still looking Justina? Just doing Manaslu most likely but if you’re only looking for a guide for that stretch of your trek splitting one could work. Planning on departuring 19th or 20th of Nov. Let me know if that works for you

    • Hey! I am sort of still looking for someone. I have a friend who is interested but has not committed yet. Either way though maybe we could team up for that and drop the price down for the guide. Are you wanting to do any additional side trips like tsum valley or base camp?

    • Hi Bart and Justina. I’ll be in KTM the 17th and will head to Manaslu as well. Still looking for someone to go with and share the cost of a guide (if it’s needed)

  2. Starting MCT from Kathmandu on the 11th November if that worked for you? Guide who I’ve known personally as a friend for 13 years is booked and organising all permits. Feel free to get in touch if your dates are flexible? Kind regards, Jason

  3. Hi Justina! I was also interested in doing the Manaslu trek around the same time, perhaps with the Tsum valley.

    • Hi Nabiha!
      We are headig to Tsum valley and Manaslu circuite trek 9 November if you are intrested and still looking for trekking buddy can join us.

  4. Hello! Me I will be in the area, but probably more oriented to upper Mustang 🙂

  5. Hello justina i can help you for this trip. Contact me on WhatsApp +9779841074806

  6. Hi Justina I’ll be in Katmandu on the 16th of November,planning to do the Manaslu Circuit,my flight back home it’s on the 5th of December,are you still looking for a partner?