Manaslu Circuit Trek

Aloha, arriving in Kathmandu 21-Nov-2022 and planning Manaslu Circuit. Moderate speed, with acclimatizing days. A bit flexible, just need to be back in Kathmandu eve of 08-Dec-2022.
I’m fit, hiker/trail-runner with fair amount of backpacking experience including 7+ day trips in the Rockies and New Zealand. Coming from sea level, and Larkya pass will be the highest elevation I have trekked. Up for the challenge but will need to take it slow.
Looking for a partner or small group to share a guide. Open to package trip but prefer independent guide and pay-as-you-go for teahouse stays and meals.
I’m easy to get along with, prefer listening to talking. Intention is to gain cultural knowledge, inspiration from the environment, and spiritual/personal development.



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  1. Did you already arrange if not some possibilities

  2. Hello! I’m actually looking to start the manaslu trek around that time. I want to do manaslu into Annapurna. I’m currently hiking 3 passes and will be back to Kathmandu around the 15th. I have two guides that I have been talking to that were recommended to me by friends who have used them before. I haven’t confirmed anything yet since I don’t know my dates and need a partner for the manaslu region. Anyways let me know if you’re interested in teaming up 🙂

  3. Hello I can manage permit,guide and transportation. Just contact me on WhatsApp +9779841074806