Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi !

I’m trying to organise my trip to Nepal and will start with Manaslu Circuit (around 17/11, somewhat flexible).
I’m trying to do it on a budget and would prefer to do it without a guide, or share the cost of a guide with someone if I cannot do without it permit wise. I want to start the trek from Jagat (or before) and up to Dharapani, then go up to the Annapurna Circuit trek right after (so technically not making the “loop”).

I’m looking for either :
– a partner to do the hike and find out how to get a permit (I think you can do it without a guide if you are minimum 2 persons).
– a company that will help me get the permit (and I could do it solo or with a partner)
– a company that would sponsor me the permit and the guide in exchange of high quality pictures or pictures for their social media.

I’m an adventure photographer keen to explore remote areas and spend more time taking quality pictures, I’m quite fit and used to hiking, but will not rush through it either. I’ve travelled for a while in Asia before, and Nepal remains as a dream trip for me, and the time has come for me to visit it (for two months in total). I’m a quiet person by nature, but can socialize easily, I’m just not the most talkative exhuberant person. I’m passionate by nature, landscapes, foreign cultures. I’m 33 years old and speak English / French.

Perks of doing with me is that you’ll get sick pictures of your trip !

You can find more information about my photographic work and previous adventures here :

Feel free to contact me here by mail or on Instagram.



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