Manaslu Circuit Trek + Annapurna circuit

(description edited on 12/07/2022)

Hello !

Despite of interest that some people has showed here, I am still looking for partners for the Manaslu circuit trek.
As described below, I will continue on the Annapurna circuit to end at Pokhara without guide (we split around Manang). If you’re in, you will have the choice to join the whole trip or to do only the Manaslu circuit part, only the Annapurna part.
Feel free to join in at the point you wish. 🙂

A guide is mandatory for the Manaslu circuit, for this part, the price includes a full package trip (guide + accomodations/food, transportations).
(same package for the little foray into Naar valley and the Kang La pass).
From Manang, the trip is independant, and of course i will be able to guide you on the way, as i already visited this part on the Annapurnas 4 times.

The itinerary :

1. Kathmandu – Macchakhola (by jeep)
2. Machhakhola – Jagat
3. Jagat – Deng
4. Deng – Prok
5. Prok – Lho
6. Lho – Sama (visit at Pungyen Gompa)
7. Sama – Samdo
8. Samdo (acclimatization in Manaslu BC)
9. Samdo – Dharamsala
10. Dharamsala (via Larkya Pass, 5100m) – BImtang
11. Bimtang – Dharapani
12. Dharapani – Koto
13. Koto – Meta
14. Meta – Naar
15. Naar (via Kang La, 5320m)- Ngawal
16. Ngawal – Manang – Khangsar
17. Khangsar – Tilicho BC – TIlicho Lake (rough sleep at the lake teahouse,)
18. Tilicho Lake – Eastern Pass, 5340m – Mesokanto North, ~5450m – Thinigaon
19. Thinigaon – Kalopani
20. Kalopani – Tatopani
21. Tatopani – Ghorepani (via Shikha)
22. Ghorepani – Birethanti – Pokhara

Here is the full itinerary on map :

The budget line is about 1400$ for Manaslu + Naar Valley, it will depends, of course, how many people join.

If you’re interested to join the trip, don’t hesitate to drop a line here or by private message to get further informations. 😉




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  1. Hello Pierre,Namaste! I have seen your plan with Manaslu circuit trek includes NR and phu valley yes for this trek required a guide and to join agency as well. If you find some one who want to do same trek and time frame than I can arrange the rest with permit and transportation I am a profetionL guide my self I look forward to hear from you soon with best regards –

    • Hello Gam,
      Thank you for your message. i have already contacted an agency.

  2. Hello Pierre,

    I’m also thinking about walking the Manaslu circuit in September. I don’t have any firm plans yet, but I’m hoping to arrive in Kathmandu on September 14th. Have you found any other trekking partners yet? Can you provide any information about the agency and guide?


    • Hey Nick.
      Haven’t find any trekking partners yet, but i am not desperate yet. 😀
      Beside, my trip is already booked with the agency, i just need to adjust it if needed. I have chosen Annapurna Foothills Treks & Expes (, a serious and well known agency.
      For now then, i planned to get the guide for Manaslu and Naar restricted area, then continue the Annapurna circuit to Naya Pul by our own (with possible side trips “off-the-beaten-tracks”).

      If you need more details, feel free to ask. 🙂

    • Thanks for the information Pierre. Unfotunately it looks like I will be arriving in Nepal later than I had originally planned. I’m unlikely to Kathmandu before September 28th, although my plans are not firm yet.

      I hope you manage to find people to join your group!

  3. Hiii! I could be interested!! But only for the manaslu Trek! Its 14 days right? I could join you on the 18th

    • Hello Ana !
      Nice to read you’re interested. 🙂
      The trek would be 13 days only for the Manaslu, from KTM to KTM.
      As you can see on the planning, the day 1 is the jeep transfert from KTM to Machhakhola, we start hiking the day 2, you have to add 2 days to the day 11 to get back to KTM (Dharapani to Besi Sahar, usually done in 1 day, then Besi Sahar to KTM by bus).
      You can contact me by private message to discuss all the details. 🙂

  4. Hello! I have been looking for a group to join for Manaslu for September, and wondering if you are still interested in adding people to your group – have thought about doing ABC too. Would love more info!

    • Hi Robyn. 🙂
      Thank you for your message.
      Well, yes, i am still looking for people. What would you like to know. Feel free to ask me any questions, here or by pm if you prefer.

  5. Hi, there. We are 2 people from Slovenia and we will be in Nepal between 2. September and 20. September. Not usre if our timeframe fits your schedule, Pierre.
    But we would love to do Manaslu Trek and join someone to split the costs of the guide.

    • Hello Katarina.
      Unfortunately, i will be in Nepal from september 16th to october 16th and i planned Manaslu trek departure on september 18th.
      Anyway, if you need tips or advices about the trek, feel free to ask. 😉

  6. hey, I would be interested in hiking with you. How big is your group? If there is still the possibility to come with you, then I would be very happy about a message and then we can clarify everything else. Best regards Philip

    • Hey Philipp, thank you for your message.
      For now, my group is still 1 only people (me), no one confirmed yet.
      Anyway, the trip is still on, alone or not, I will go. Of course, I would be glad to share this adventure, as I always did during my past treks in Nepal.
      Feel free to ask what you need to clarify.

  7. Hi Pierre.
    Older Scandinavian guy here, arriving in KTM around 7-8 sept, and is thinking about the Manaslu(and beyond)trek. How is your status?

    • Hej Phil.
      How long will you stay in Nepal?
      Departure still planned on September 18th. What’s your plan?

    • Well, i’ll fly out of KTM on the 19. oct..So i have around 6 weeks.. I had wild plans for my trip,but have to turn my expectations down, got hit quite hard by covid 2 months ago, so my training, weight loss and plans went out the window.. So now i’m looking for a more “simple” trek Manaslu, Makalu or the like but open for ideas, and your itinerary seems to fit ,though i´ll probably be going slow. Phil.

    • Well, to be honest, the Manaslu trek isn’t that easy, plus I don’t know if it’s a great idea to go high altitude after a hard covid. Personnaly I won’t go. Maybe you should have a look on Langtang trek?
      It would be great because you can go slowly and spend time to explore if you wish.

    • Fair enough.
      I don´t in anyway have the idea that Manaslu is easy, but compared to my original trek it is; shorter, teahouses, and doable, that was what i meant by; simple. I did Langtang in 89, and 93, so i think that i have that covered… I´ll probably just go to KTM, and take it from there then…
      Have a nice trek

  8. Hey Pierre,
    I don’t know if you saw my private message. I gave you my personal number. Just wanted to let you know I will come with you for 100%.
    Maybe we have a call about the trip.

  9. Hey Pierre,

    This itinerary looks amazing!!
    I was looking at doing the Manaslu trek with Tsum Valley, followed by the Nar Phu Valley trek and finish at Ngawal. I would perhaps be keen to go to Tilicho Lake as well. As we’ve tried the last time I was there but there was way too much snow.

    Are you dates fixed or not? As I’m looking at travelling in October.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hey Marie!
      Thank you for your message.
      My dates are fixed, yes. The trek departure is planned for September 18th.

      Tilicho lake is indeed amazing, and the pass (Mesokanto La) is much more interesting than the Thorung La.

  10. Hi Pierre! I just private messaged you.

  11. Hi Pierre! Hope you are doing great. Interested in the Manaslu part… are you still looking for partners? Please let me know

  12. Hi