Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi! A friend and I are planning to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek from March 1st (or February 28th) until about March 14th. Although we don’t mind going by ourselves, it’s always nice to have some like-minded and social people around to share some good stories with.

We are both from the Netherlands and are relatively fit. We’re not planning to rush the trek but would prefer people that are also fit enough to handle some longer days in case necessary (we fly back March 17th). We have found a Guide that can also arrange trekking permits and transportation from Kathmandu for the price of $400 per person. We will find accommodation and places to eat as we go. If you’re planning to do the same trek and would like to join, just reply here or send me a message.




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  1. Hi Rene,
    Are you still looking for people to join? Just want to add that I am probably a touch slower than moderate (recently turned 57).
    Have not been to Nepal since 1997.