EBC 3 passesTrek

Hi, I will be in Nepal from 1st March 2022 to 22nd March 2022 and I am interested in completing the EBC 3 passes Trek, . I am already in contact with a guide, however I am looking for trekking partners (more the merrier).

A brief about myself: I work as a financial professional in New Delhi, India and go for at least two high altitude (10,000 feet +) hikes every year. This will be my first time in Nepal and I am looking forward to my time here :).



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  1. Hi Mohit, I’m doing the three passes trek starting on Monday, but I’m setting off from Jiri. I suspect I will never quite catch you up but who knows, maybe I’ll see you out there.
    I’m doing it solo without a guide but will definitely want to team up with someone for the days when I go over the passes.
    Cheers to all,

    • Hi David! Good to hear that! Ping me on WhatsApp so that we can coordinate and meet up in case we are at the same place. My digits at +91 9899964929. My email id is mkher1991@gmail.com