Manaslu Circuit Trek


I am hoping to trek the Manaslu Circuit in November 2021 and I am looking for trekking partner(s) as a minimum of 2 persons is required for the permits. A guide is also required. I would be open to hiring a porter as well. My plan is to arrive in Kathmandu the morning of November 7th and get a ride to the trailhead on November 8th or 9th. I am also considering to add the Nar Phu trek, which is an additional six days, and also requires a special permit if others are interested in that portion as well.

A rough outline would be as follows:

November 8: Drive to Soti Khola
Nov 9 – 18: Trekking increasing in elevation with acclimatization stops as necessary
November 19: Trek over Larkya La Pass
November 21: Enter Annapurna Conversation Area to continue on to Nar Phu Valley or return to Kathmandu (this portion is flexible) in a couple days.

I am a 37 year-old from Canada. I hiked the Annapurna Circuit over Thorong La Pass in 2019 so I have some limited experience trekking at high altitude.

Please let me know if you have any interest in joining. And please let me know if you have any questions!




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  1. Hi Matt, hope you’re well! Are you still planning on doing Manaslu Circuit in November?
    I just arrived in Kathmandu today, I’m doing Everest Three Passes first, starting in a few days. But I have plenty of time so if I feel up to it, I might do Manaslu afterwards. I’m 25 and I’ve done backpacking trips in mountains in Europe before, but this is my first time in Nepal

    • Hi Ben, I hope your time in the Everest region goes well! I am still planning a trek starting with the Manaslu Circuit in November. Keep me in the loop with your plans and you are definitely welcome to join if you are feeling up to it. I haven’t booked plane tickets yet so thing could change on my end but it is definitely my plan to head to Nepal in early November.

  2. Hi Matt that’s great to hear! I’ll let you know what my plans are as I get towards the end of my trek in the Everest region in a couple of weeks. Likewise let me know how your plans shape up.

  3. Hey, don‘t want to interrupt but was just wondering if one of you might also be interested in doing the Kanchenjunga trek? At first I also wanted to do the Manaslu but after researching Kanchenjunga sounds pretty cool as well. I will be i Nepal from 14.November, looking for a challenging trek which is less known than the popular ones. Just thought I would ask:-)

    • Hi Lynn, I actually did see your initial post a couple of days ago and looked into the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek, it does sound pretty cool. I have been considering it, although I think Manaslu & Nar Phu is pretty interesting as well. An issue could be that our dates wouldn’t quite line up. I am planning to fly home on December 6th and I don’t think that would quite be enough time to complete the circuit.

  4. Hi Matt, I thought I should let you know that I’m probably going to head back after completing my trek in the Everest region. Enjoy the Manaslu circuit!

    • Thanks for keeping me in the loop, enjoy the rest of your time in Nepal!

  5. Looking at a mansala/tsum valley trek around nov 8. Two of us , possibly 3 planning to go guided.

    • Thanks for reaching out Mark, I don’t think I have time for Tsum valley unfortunately.

  6. Hello,I am from belgium. Next week I go to Nepal again Manaslu trek full circuit starting end oktober.
    If somebody want to join to split the permit?
    Greetings from Rudy Belgium

    • Hi Rudy – Best Wishes with your trip, I don’t think our dates line up great as I will be arriving in Nepal around 10 days after you.

  7. I have done manaslu before is great…one tip between loh and samagon you get to a village and can veer off the main trail on a side trip to the left towards manaslu and get up to a plateau where there is some sort of monastery. The plateau is really the best bit of the whole circuit. If you do it you will see why. Many people never do this bit, don’t do this side trip. It can be done in the day on the way to samagon so don’t need any extra day

    • Thanks for the tip! I can see that section of the map, I’ll try to check it out!