Manaslu Circuit Trek

Planning to do Manaslu Circuit Trek around November 1st, 2021 (give or take a week). Mainly to get the permits considering they allow only groups with a minimum of 2 people. We can figure out a guide once we get there. I don’t need a porter. This is my first time in Nepal but I’ve done multiple long haul treks in India and the US. Thanks and looking forward!



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  1. Hello I am a local in Nepal, of you need any information about Nepal,please contact me at my WhatsApp: +9779861499035

  2. Hello I am Rudy from Belgium nice to meet.
    Next week I coming to Nepal foe Manaslu trek.
    If you want to join,welcome.

    • Hi Rudy,

      I am planning to start my Manaslu Trek on Nov 10. Is that date ok with you?

  3. I have my flight on the 26 to ktm.
    I let you know if I wait 4 you.
    How you organise your trek ?
    Warm greetings
    Greetings from Rudy Belgium

  4. Manaslu needs special permits and I can provide it as I have local agency in thamel . Please feel free to ask if there is any question about this trip or for any arrangements. Thank you