Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi there,
I’m 22yr female solo traveller from the Netherlands. I’m commited to do the Manaslu trekking, low budget. This means that I’m looking for travel buddies to go with me, cause a girl going alone with a guide doesn’t seem the best idea. I got several offers from travel agencies ranging between 665euro pp excl own accomodation and food, to 800euro pp incl food and accomodation if I find at least 3 others to join. I’m also open to go with an independent guide and find food and accomodation at the spot. (I prefer an independent trustworthy guide actually)
I have not yet done any treks before, I am going on the Hellambu trek this Friday. I dare to say that I have been preparing for the Manaslu, hope enough hahaha. It seems like the most authentic trek in Nepal so a dream to be able to do it!
Who would like to join me on this adventure, before the passes are closed due to snow? 😀
I am already in Nepal, staying in Lalitpur.
(need more info about me, check my blog
Best wishes,
Amy Ruiters



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  1. Hi Amy, this is Krish, 33 male from Nepal. I would love to join you for Manaslu treak, did you decide starting date So that it will be easy to plan.

  2. Hi Amy! This is Mattias from Italy.
    As the Manaslu trek is in a restricted are Im searching for someone else to get the permits! I have a contact wit a female guide, who would be available for the trek starting in a couple of days!
    Let me know if interested!