Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi folks,

Two of us are planning to do the manaslu trek in november 2019. We arrive in Kathmandu on the 7th november, looking to start shortly afterwards. We will carry our stuff, but looking for trekking buddies and hoping to split the costs of a guide. We haven’t yet made arrangements with any guides/agencies – happy to discuss this.

We’re in decent shape, but chill about pacing etc. Keen to allow time to adjust to altitude.

Let me know if you’d be interested.




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  1. Hi Gregg!

    I will also do the Manaslu Trek.
    I am in touch with another motivated person from this platform, Michael from Germany, and we are keen to do the Trek together.
    Some others we are in touch with might join us as well – to be confirmed.
    Michael arrives in KTM on the 6th – however I will arrive earliest on the 10th (to be confirmed also), but would be ready to get the bus direction start of the trek the day after arrival (already have been in KTM a couple of times).

    Would you be interested to join Michael and me for the trek?

    When do you fly out again from KTM?

    See my post for further details:


  2. Hey Greg!

    My friend and I are also arriving into Kathmandu on the 7th. Would love to meet up in Thamel and chat about trying to organize a guide for the Manaslu. We are two friends , one Canadian and one kiwi. Super easy going . Let me know , would be awesome to get a little group together 🙂

  3. Hi Gregg and Lindsey,
    I’m also arriving on the 7th. Would love a chat about the trek. I’m a German living in London. While I have contacted some guides already, I haven’t fixed anything yet, and would like to share.
    Let me know

  4. Hey if you guys need a guide still, let me know. I have used a guy named siri for manaslu, kanchenjunga and nar phu. Hes really good and funny. Let me know if this helps.