Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello there!
My name is Lisan, I am a Dutch 25 year old girl, who can’t wait to go to the manaslu trekking. A bit about myself, just graduated from uni, traveling solo, I’m easy going, pretty sporty and enthusiastic. Love a good laugh.
I would love to go somewhere next week, say somewhere between Wednesday 16th or the 20th.
I prefer to meet the new buddy before we leave, as it might be a great adventure.
I’m staying in a Workaway near Katmandu at the moment, so we could meet there in Katmandu. If anyone likes to join me! Please send me a message. I haven’t arranged anything yet, but I’m sure we will book it soon.
Please shoot me a message when interested!



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  1. Hi Lisan, I’m stefan from Geemanny, traveling solo and as well planing to go for the Manaslu circuit. I am already here in Nepal since two weeks and quite flexible about the departure date and the trekking days.,.. I have trekked Langtang an Annapurna BC independent… but this is quite a while ago..I already checked with a trekkingcompany here in Pokhara wich has very good reputation and fair price for the guide (only).. but If You habe someone else .. no problem So if this sounds ok for you.. please get in see if it will work out..
    Greetings Stefan

    • Hi Stefan, Thnx for your message. I’ve found a group. We are leaving from Katmandu upcoming Saturday. If you want to join its called Nepal Wilderness Expedition. Cheers