Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi all. My name is Dzmitry, I am from Belarus. This autumn I plan to visit Nepal and complete Manasly circuit trek and continue to Annapurna circuit. Then Everest base capm trek. I am skilled and strong trekker, I found of alpinism, many times was on middle-high attitude. My dream is Everest peak.
I am looking for a guide to Manaslu circuit the only reason this trek official guide seems required. I can’t afford a personal guide for me and for my friend (we traveling both) but looking for organized group to share price. I don’t need a personal care, I already had many treks before, I will not Interfere to any. I have all equipment for up to independent camping.
For now I have flexible dates for October-November, and I would be happy to join to any low-budget travelers just for restricted Manaslu part of the trek. Thank you in advance.



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  1. Hi Dzmitry,

    I plan to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek from October 30st on for 14 days. Would this date work for you? I understand that you will want to trek on to Annapurna afterwards, I would alsready return to Kathmandu after the Mansalu Ciscruit but it would be nice to team up for Manaslu to chare the cost for a guide.


    • Dear Esther.

      I would be happy to trek with you but 30 October is a not suitable for me. I will arrive to Kathmandu at 11 October, my friend at 19, so we plan to start any trek at 20-23 October. Sorry 30 is a little bit late or too early for me.

      I even thinking now to start to Everest bc first since I read many times there is some kind of infrastructure issues on Manaslu trek, and may be better will be to wait up to middle of November. Even in this case I guess I’ll not manage to back from Everest bc to 30th October. I would plan something up to 10-11 November.

      Anyway thank you for you replay and I hope you will have wonderful trek.

    • Hey all, I too am searching for a late October/early November trek start, and will be new to Nepal. Definitely interested to hear more about what you have planned to see if there’s a possible fit. Look forward to chatting more! 🙂 -Jeff

  2. Hey,
    just as a information. It is not completely true that you need a Guide for the trek. The only requirement is that you are two persons and get the permit over a agency (which costs money) and they will tell you that you need a guide. But there are agencies which can get you a permit without one, but it’s hard to find.