Manaslu Circuit Trek

Me, a 31 year old Austrian, plan the Manaslu Circuit, starting on March 31st. Leaving Kathmandu on again on April 17th, flight already booked, so that’s my time limit.
As you need to be a group of 2 + one guide, I’m looking for trekking partners who want to trek around Manaslu the same time and to share costs of the guide. I’d like to hike slow to moderate, take my time to enjoy the path. I have no problem with walking on my own; sharing experiences and chatting if we want to / it feels right. 😉



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  1. Hi Michael, my name is Deren. Interested in possibly joining you for the Manaslu Circuit Trek! I’ve trekked in Nepal, South America, New Zealand and usually go at a medium pace but I’m happy with whatever! Have you organised a guide yet? I’ll be in Kathmandu on Friday morning.


  2. Hi Deren,

    no, I don’t have a guide yet, but I´d be happy to share the costs. For me, a porter won’t be necessary for my backpack isn’t that heavy. I’ll be in Kathmandu on Saturday afternoon.
    I could meet you already Saturday evening.

  3. Hey brother me and my friend are heading out tommorow we all ready have a guide it’s 25d a day
    My facebook is gidon hammer let us know will be happy for you to join us

  4. Hi Gidon, I think tomorrow might be a bit too early for me but enjoy the trek!

  5. Hi Gidon, if you leave the day after tomorrow for the trek (31st), it’d be alright for me. If we add Deren, costs for the guide would be pretty cheap.

    • Hey man contact me on Facebook it’s easier to talk ya so where leaving on sunday morning we are three people and a guide

  6. Gidon hammer