Manaslu Circuit Trek

I’m a Canadian working in Nepal in Feb & March. Planning on leaving KTM for the Manaslu circuit on March 24 or 25th. I have to be back in KTM on April 6th for my flight home, so would be going for approx 14 days total. Previously trekked the AC, so familiar with Nepal-style trekking overall. Looking for a partner to split the cost of a guide (supposedly mandatory in the Manaslu region) & for good conversation! Trek at a moderate-fast pace with photo breaks. Message me if interested, would love to have you!



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  1. hi tal
    we are looking for somebody to share a jeep with, to reduce the costs. we are heading towards the trek at the 23rd

  2. Hey! The Jeep is to Soti Khola? How much are you paying? We were thinking of just taking a local bus since it’s soooo much cheaper haha

  3. Hi Tal / Wieteke, I’m also considering this trek. Currently in Kathmandu and would be ready to start the trek anytime between the 23-25th. Drop me a message on Whatsapp on +447895255526 if you have any more info. Happy to split costs. Cheers.

  4. Hi guys, I’m currently in Kathmandu and also planning this trek, starting in a few days. Do you have a specific plan yet? I’ve been talking to some agencies, but apparently it’s hard to find a group to join for this region..