Manaslu Circuit Trek


My name is Jesse Smith. I’m a physically able 23 year old from Northern Ontario, Canada looking for a partner or more and a guide to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October of this year.

Tentatively, I’d like to get started no later than the 14th or 15th of October and take 12-14 days total.

I’m a rock-bottom backpacker, and I’m looking to spend no more than something like $450ish for everything involved in the trek, including meals, permits, the guide, etc. on an individual basis over the entire two week period.

So, if you’re interested -holler! I’d like to secure something so that I have a purpose when I actually enter Kathmandu in 1.5 months. I’m very excited to do this, so hopefully it pulls through and I can gather some people here.

Thank you!




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  1. Hi Jesse,

    I am interested regarding this trek. I am planning to visit Manaslu almost at the same time. Please confirm me if you are interested.


    • Saikh,

      I have actually been reading that parts of the trek are still damaged from the earthquake and the infrastructure may not exist for the trek until it’s repaired.

      I’m not sure if this will change by October, but will try to keep an ear to the ground and see if things improve by then.


  2. Ooh, then we need to wait till we get a clearance. I was not aware of the situation, I heard things are okay now. But I badly want to trek Manaslu in this fall.

  3. Interested in the trek and I’ve also heard that there’s some gaps in infrastructure but not sure how difficult it would be.

  4. Hi
    I did this trek last year. There is some damage. I have been talking with my guide on FB and he said there is a route from gorkha to barpak, weiya Jagat nyak deng which avoids the landslides. He was at Lho & Samagon this week and that area was fine. It is an awesome trek, not too developed and the locals along the way were super friendly.
    Andrew Morgan
    Newcastle, Australia

  5. Hi Jesse i am also interested. Right now i am in Kathmandu and looking for some partners.