Manaslu Circuit Trek

I am looking for one or more people to do a lodge trek with in the Manaslu region (or alternatively Tsum valley with homestays) for about 14 to 15 days. I can leave Kathmandu on the 16th or 17th November and want to be back there around the 2nd December latest to go on a meditaton course to Lumbini, so i am not too flexible with the dates. I would like to try to keep costs pretty low-budget and just find a porter/guide instead of booking an organised tour. I am not an experienced trekker but ok fit so I would prefer a medium pace. I hope to find some easy going travel partner(s) in this way!

day1) From Kathmandu drive to Arughat Bazaar (760m) by bus
(7-­‐8 hrs) and trek to Arkhet Bazar (2 hrs)
day2) Arkhet Bazar to Machha Khola(990m) (6hrs)
day 3):Machha Khola to Zagat (1410m) (6 hrs)
day 4) Zagat to Lokpa (2040m) (6-­7 hrs)
day 5) Lokpa to Gho(Lower Tsum) (2360m) (4­‐5 hrs)
day 6) Gho to Rachen Gonba (upper Tsum)(3240m), visit Milarepa Piren Phu Cave on the way (6-­‐7hrs)
day 7) Rachen Gomba to Mu Gompa (3700 m), visit Dhephudonma Gompa (4060 m) (6 hrs)
day 8) Mu Gompa to Chokangpar (3219m), visit Gongye Gompa (Nyigma-­‐pa Buddhist sect) (6 hrs)
day 9) Chokangpar to Gho (2440m) (6 hrs)
day 10) Dumje to Gumba Lungtang (3200m) (5 hrs)
day 11) Gumba Lungtang to Repchet (2468m) (5-‐6 hrs)
day 12) Repchet to Philim (1596m) (5‐6 hrs)
day 13) Philim to Tatopani (975m) (7hrs)
day 14) Tatopani to Labubesi (880m) (6-­7hrs)
day 15) Labubesi to Arughat Bazaar (535m)
day 16) Arughat Bazaar to Kathmandu



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  1. Hi Maja, I’ve been in touch with a couple others from this site looking to do this trek and share a guide too, since a guide is required, but we’ll arrange things when we get to Kathmandu. I arrive November 12th and the others will arrive somewhere around then too, so we should keep in touch and meet when we’re there and compare notes. I was thinking to go into the Tsum Valley on the way up and continue around the Manaslu circuit but I’m flexible and don’t have any set plans. Being out by the 2nd wouldn’t bother me. If you might be interested in joining or meeting in Kathmandu, send me a note. Hope your preparations are going smoothly, and maybe see you in KTM. Ciao for now, Greg