Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, i plan to do Manaslu Circuit Trek, total about 3 weeks in Nepal, from last week Sept. 2019 on. Looking for one or two people to join for the trek. One apparently needs to be at least two to get a permit for the coservation area near the Tibetan Chinese Border. I like to walk 7-8 hrsa day in a steady but not hasted way. Love to explore nature and culture, am not a great talker. Don‘t need much comfort. I did the Annapurna circuit by myself 2017, but of course met a loot of nice interesting people on the way. I am a psychiatrist, 59yrs old.



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  1. Hi,
    I did some research about this trek. 3-weeks ago I came back from Nepal. I did Three Passes. Most of the locals I talked recommended to me Manaslu. To do that you need 3 permits and you have to hire a guid or a porter. It is no other way to do that.
    I want to do this Trail but I’m looking for a partner to save some money. To hire a porter is a better option because he can carry up to 10 kg of supplies.
    The best time to do this trek is a second half of October.
    I’m 65 but still in a good shape.

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  2. Doing trek in any restricted area listed trekking routes in NEPAL include Manaslu Tsum valley, there should be license holder guide/train guide, also program should organize through government register trekking company only. Taking with porter won’t work.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    My name is Mithun, 35years old, male from India. Can do 8-10hrs of walking a day and have completed part of AC and complete ABC last year(2018) with my wife.

    I was planning to do Manaslu circuit, and then continue AC from Dharapani on the way back from Manaslu. I was planning to leave on 29th Sep 2019(I have a confirmed flight ticket landing in Kathmandu on 28th Sep 2019).

    Are you still looking for a partner for this trek? If yes then are your dates and itinerary confirmed? I can also think and try to prepone my landing in Kathmandu for a week if you have a confirmed plan on this.