Manaslu Circuit Trek

I wanna do the Manaslu Circuit trek in the begin of March, would be nice to have some trekking buddies! I am in contact with 2 trekking agencies but didn‘t fix something so far, so I am still flexible with that.
I‘m a 24 year old student from Germany and looking for some great nature adventure and cultural experience!



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  1. hey mila, i‘m robin!
    wanna do the manaslu as well! im already in kathmandu and have some cheaper infos!
    let me know if u are interested. i might find something else to do until you arrive. would be cheaper if we would team up! and shared experiences are always nicer! let me know!!!
    the best


    • Hey Robin! Thanks for your message, sure it would be nice to share the experiences!:) actually I already booked a guide now, the trek will be from 02.03. – 15.03.
      you could join! Probably you will have some cheaper options now, so I understand that as well if you want to safe money.. it’s around 900€ I paid
      If you are interested let me know! Or also for something nice to do in Kathmandu

  2. Hey I’m Jeremie,

    I was thinking about doing the manaslu circuit or to go to the Tsum Valley next to it. I would rather go without any agency to safe some money.

    I could only Start the Trekk on the 5th of March.

    If you are interested in me joining you on your trekk that would be awesome.

    Looking forward to hearng from you,

    Jeremie Delaplace

    • Hey Jeremie, thanks for your message! Actually I already booked a guide now and the trek will start on the 2nd of March, so I’m not flexible in changing that. You can’t start before the 5th of March, right?

    • Hi Jeremie,

      together with my girlfriend we are also thinking about doing the manaslu circuit with possibility to add sidetrack to the Tsum Valley. We would just prefer to start a little earlier, maybe 3rd or 4th March (our flight back is on 21st March). I think we could have same preference, I would like to hire only guide and agency would use only for arranging the necessary permits. We can write to each other through private message if you are interested . . .

      Martin Jirman

  3. Hey Mila, hey Martin, hey Jeremy,
    so because i couldnt find anyone, i started Lang Tangh Trek now… because i wanted to get out of Kathmandu. 900€ it‘s still too much for me.

    Martin, Jeremy
    if you‘re still searching and havent booked anything. A Guide messaged me after posting this! So I think that could be not that expensive. I also still have the number of the guy who would‘ve organized my stuff. So Guide and Permits and Transport… He said for two people 500$ so if you‘re still searching i can try to be back in Kathamndu 3rd 4th… but could be hard…
    So maybe Jeremy we could think about sorting everything out? Dont know though how Internets going to be the next days! but message me!
    all of you! hehhee

  4. Hi Robin, thanks for your answer! I have to say, that 500$ for two people is very interested, hopefully he is really certificated guide :). I suppose that the price is for approx. 14day Manaslu trek without sidetrack Tsum Valley, isn´t it? I have to admit that in case, that It would be possible to manage it in 17-18 days I would highly prefer the version with this sidetrack – I read a lot of positive reviews on it. Sorry that I cannot offer flexibility, but due to work I cannot change my flight back. Enjoy your trek!