Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi! I am 30, female and looking for one or more trekking partners to share a guide. I‘d like to do a trek less crowded than Annapurna but still looking for nice company! I am in Kathmandu right now, heading to Pokhara and would like to meet you before to check if our ideas generally matches but I’m flexible with the itinerary…
Would like to start trekking around the 8th Latest though.
Looking forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Hi Marleen,
    My name is Daniel and I was looking to do the Manaslu trek in the same period as you and I’m looking to find a like-minded trekking partner. I’m 61 years old traveling alone and I’m in a serious relationship. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the past 30 years but I originally come from the US. I’m now traveling for a half year on sabbatical from my university teaching job. I’ve been to the Nepal several times before for climbing and trekking and have trekked on several of the classic routes. I am a fit mountain walker but my attitude is more toward enjoyment than ambition. I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday and will be visiting friends here before arranging permits and a guide and setting out on the trek. Let me know your thoughts and of you’d like to have a coffee before you set off to Pokhara.
    All the best,

    • Hey Daniel, if your looking for a partner id be interested in meeting and trekking together? Im in Kathmandu now too

    • Hi! Unfortunately I’m already in Pokhara. When do you want to start the trek?

  2. Hey Marleen, in Kathmandu now, hoping to do the Manaslu trek ASAP if your still looking for someone

    • Hey Patrick! I‘m in Pokhara, when are you planning to start the trek?