Manaslu Circuit Trek


I want to do the Manaslu Cirsuit Trek in the beginning of Noveber. I will arrive in Kathmandu the 3rd of November and want to start the trek soon after getting the permits.
I am lokking for nice people to share the adventures and the cost for a guide with.

Let me know if you want to join me.
I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂




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  1. Hi Laura,

    I’m interested but I will arrive in Kathmandu after 10th November which might be already late for you.


    • Update: Maybe I could manage to arrive on 5th November.

  2. Hi Laura and Tomas

    I arrive in Kathmandu on 4th of Nov, and looking forward to go trekking to Manaslu for 14-15 days. I already have talked to guide yet if you are interested we can trek together and share the cost for permit and guide and porter!


    • Hi Ustaaz,

      of course everyone can join our little group 🙂 Looking forward for upcoming trek.


  3. Hi Laura and Ustaaz. Want to know more abt your plans and if it fit my to jion you. Need to be back to Kathmandu on 16 Nov.

    • Hi Olga. We are leaving Kathmandu the 5th and will be back the 18th. That’s probably to late for you?

  4. Hei Laura,
    I booked the Manaslu circuit for 6th Nov with eagle eye treks. There Was one other girl who wanted to join. Unfortunately they decided to leave one Day earlier which I cannot make possible. So I would be more than glad if you ‘d join me with this company on 6th.nov 🙂
    Greetings from Pokhara.. Thea

    • Hi Thea,
      we already booked the trek with another trekking agency starting the 5th. Unfortunately we cannot start later 🙁
      Maybe see you on the trek 🙂

    • Hello Thea
      I an interested in joining the tour! How much is it for the guide?
      I am right now in Pokhara.
      – Lotte

  5. Hei Laura,
    Thanks for your answer.. Sure we meet on the trek as I will also start 5th november now. 🙂

  6. Hei Lotte,
    I made It possible now to join the group that leaves 5th november. I booked with eagle eye treks.
    I am Also still in Pokhara and try to get from here to soti khola where I meet the group.