Manaslu Circuit Trek


We are a young couple from Czech Republic Adela (26) and Daniel (28) and we are looking for other hikers to join us during our trip in Nepal and share some adventures and the guide cost.

We are planning Manaslu Circuit or combination of Manaslu Circuit and Annapurna Circuit. We are experienced hikers though this will be our first time in Nepal.

If you are enthusiastic to hike let us know. Come with us 🙂


Czech Republic


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  1. Ahoj, super, rádi se přidáme, chceme to taky jít. 2 kluci z Plzně. Příletíme do KTM 29.9. ráno, ideální se sedít, Pepa a Lubor. 732 201 118, josef.vancura/zavinac/